Andrea Electronics Corporation Announces Patent Issued For its Direction Finding and Tracking Array Technology (DFTA(R))

Mar 26, 2001, 00:00 ET from Andrea Electronics Corporation

    MELVILLE, N.Y., March 26 /PRNewswire/ --
 Andrea Electronics Corporation (Amex:   AND), a leading manufacturer of hardware
 and software technologies optimized for the performance of various
 speech-enabled applications and other voice user interfaces, announced today
 that the U.S Patent and Trademark Office has issued the Company U.S. Patent
 No. 6,198,693 with claims covering Andrea's Directional Finding and Tracking
 Array (DFTA(R)) technology. Utilizing an array of microphones, Andrea's DFTA
 technology identifies a speech signal; determines the direction from which it
 originates, and tracks it by analyzing its history and probability. One of the
 unique features of the technology covered by this patent is that it allows a
 simultaneous calculation of data received by all microphones in the array,
 thus providing more accurate and reliable results, even in noisy environments.
 Andrea's DFTA technology is currently being utilized in high-end
 video-conferencing applications to automatically steer video cameras and
 acoustic beams to the location of the person speaking thus providing
 "video-follow-audio" capability.
     "We believe that the protection of our technology awarded by this patent
 provides Andrea with a strategic competitive advantage over other currently
 known direction finding techniques" said Joseph Marash, Chief Technology
 Officer of Andrea Electronics Corporation.  "Our DFTA is more robust and
 provides better accuracy over a large range applications for conferencing
 rooms. It is also immune to room noise interference, and has the ability to
 track more than one speech source at a time, providing the ability to handle
 multi-speaker situations. With these features we can offer advanced solutions
 to the growing video and audio conferencing markets.  Additionally, this
 technology enhances Andrea's ability to offer unique situations to the
 automotive market by enabling various telematics systems to be utilized by
 both the driver and the passenger."
     "Andrea's DFTA technology, similar to that of our other recently awarded
 patents, represents our continued efforts to develop high-performance,
 hands-free solutions for a wide range of speech-centric applications," said
 Christopher P. Sauvigne, President, and Chief Operating Officer.  "We will
 continue to invest in research and development to enable our products to meet
 the needs of various, strategically focused, emerging markets."
     This patent, along with Andrea's recently awarded DSDA patent (U.S. Patent
 No. 6,178,248) expands Andrea's extensive patent portfolio of state-of-the-art
 electoracousical designs and technologies to 21 U.S. patents which focus on
 the enhancement of speech input and communications.
     About Andrea Electronics:
     Andrea Electronics Corporation designs, develops and manufactures audio
 technologies and equipment for enhancing applications that require high
 performance and high quality voice input.  The Company's patented Active Noise
 Reduction (ANR READY(R)) earphone, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) near-field
 microphone, patented Digital Super Directional Array (DSDA(R)) and
 patent-pending Directional Finding and Tracking Array (DFTA(TM)) far-field
 microphone technologies enhance a wide range of audio products to eliminate
 background noise and ensure the optimum performance of voice applications.
 Applications for the Company's technologies include: speech recognition
 programs, Internet telephony, video/audio conferencing, automobile PCs, home
 automation systems, hand-held devices and multiplayer online games, among
 others.  OEM and software publisher customers and strategic partners of Andrea
 Electronics' include: IBM Corporation, Intel Corporation, BMW of North
 America, Inc., Donnelly Corporation, Symbol Technologies, Inc., Clarion
 Corporation of America, Microsoft Corporation, ScreenFriends Corporation,
 Audio-Technica, U.S., Inc.,, Lotus Development Corporation,
 Fonix Corporation, Centra,  Net2Phone, Inc., Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc. and, among others.  Visit Andrea Electronics' websites at or or call
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 and other Andrea technologies are accepted in the marketplace; the
 competitiveness of Andrea Anti-Noise, DSDA, DFTA and other Andrea products in
 terms of technical specifications, quality, price, reliability and service;
 the sufficiency of the Company's funds for research and development, marketing
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