Announcing New dtSearch Product Line Version

New Version Features the Ability to Add Remote Web Site Content to a Site's

Searchable Database

Oct 01, 2002, 01:00 ET from dtSearch Corp.

    BETHESDA, Md., Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- dtSearch Corp., a leading supplier
 of advanced text retrieval software, announces Version 6.1 of its dtSearch(R)
 product line.  The dtSearch product line has end-user, enterprise and
 developer products for instantly searching gigabytes of text.
     The new product line version allows Web developers to include remote Web
 sites in a site's searchable database.  Other enhancements expand end-user
 Outlook support, increase dtSearch's (Web-based) CD/DVD publishing
 flexibility, and provide additional .NET sample code for developers.  The new
 version also adds a Linux beta developer component to dtSearch's existing
 Windows and IIS-based product line.
     The Smart Choice for Text Retrieval(R) since 1991, dtSearch products offer
 instant indexed (and slower unindexed) searching of large document
 collections-word processor, database, spreadsheet, email, ZIP, XML and more.
 More than two dozen full-text and fielded data search options provide
 unmatched intelligent searching.  All products display retrieved files with
 highlighted hits, along with (for HTML and PDF) embedded images and links.
     dtSearch Web publishes large, instantly searchable, document collections
 to a Web site.  dtSearch Spider is a feature that extends a local search
 request to a remote Internet site.  The dtSearch Spider now allows a dtSearch
 Web developer to expand the scope of a site's full-text searchable database to
 include content on a remote Web site.  Combined dtSearch Web / Spider
 capabilities include:
     -- indexing local and remote XML, HTML, PDF, ASP, etc. Web pages to any
        specified level of page depth,
     -- a dozen instant full-text search options for sifting through indexed
     -- ranked search results combining local and remote data sites, allowing
        integrated file and hit-to-hit navigation options,
     -- display of HTML and PDF files with highlighted hits and embedded
        images, formatting and links intact,
     -- conversion of non-Web-ready documents (word processor, spreadsheet,
        database, presentation, etc.) to HTML for browser display with
        highlighted hits,
     -- fielded and other meta data support for HTML, PDF, database and other
     -- support for the full hierarchical field structure of XML data, and
     -- indexing and searching of secure content HTTPS sites and
        password-accessible sites (in addition to publicly available sites).
     dtSearch Desktop provides instant searching of desktop-accessible files.
 dtSearch Network allows for instant text and field searches across an
 enterprise network.  Both include the dtSearch Spider for extending a local
 search request to a remote server, with all of the above features.
     The new version of dtSearch Desktop and Network also expands search
 options for hit highlighted display of Outlook messages and attachments.
 Search reports, combining in one document all highlighted hits from all
 retrieved files with as much context as the user requests, can now include
 Outlook and Outlook attachment files (along with other "Office," PDF, XML,
 ZIP, HTML, etc. documents).  In addition, dtSearch Network adds new options
 for automatic deployment across large enterprise networks.
     dtSearch Publish quickly publishes an instantly searchable document
 collection to CD/DVD, or mirrors an existing Web site on CD/DVD.  Working
 through a simple wizard-based setup, dtSearch Publish installs the following
 CD/DVD components:  dtSearch Web, the document collection, and associated
 indexes.  dtSearch Publish now provides a choice of Web servers to install on
 the CD/DVD in connection with dtSearch Web.  Both choices result in zero-
 footprint end-user CD/DVD access.
     The dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine lets developers add dtSearch's proven,
 "industrial-strength" text search and retrieval to applications, including
 sample code for indexing SQL and other COM data and for dtSearch's FindPlus(R)
 distributed searching.  The latest version of the dtSearch Engine adds more
 .NET sample code.  Sample code options now include C#, C++, C++.NET, VB,
 VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, Delphi, and JNI/Java.  The new version of the dtSearch
 Engine also includes a Linux beta component.
     All dtSearch products share the same core technology adapted for different
 environments.   Proprietary indexing and searching algorithms allow for fast
 indexing and searching of even the largest document collections.  For maximum
 precision searching, indexed, unindexed, fielded and full-text search options
 include:  fuzziness adjustable from 0 to 10 (to sift through typographical and
 spelling errors), synonym / concept / thesaurus, boolean (and/or/not), natural
 language term weighting (indexed search only), phrase, phonic, wildcard,
 proximity, stemming, numeric range, and variable term weighting (indexed
 search only).
     Pricing is $199 for dtSearch Desktop, from $800 for dtSearch Network, from
 $999 for dtSearch Web and Text Retrieval Engine, and from $2,500 for dtSearch
     For more information, or to download fully-functional evaluation versions
 of any product, please call 1-800-IT-FINDS (or 301/263-0731), email or visit .
     About dtSearch Corp.
     dtSearch Corp. offers over a decade of experience in text search and
 retrieval.  Customers include Fortune 500 companies; major software vendors;
 government agencies; and large legal, medical, accounting and recruiting
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