Antepo Pushes the Lead on Java Development Within Jabber Community

In a Move to Sustain the Embracement of Java Within the Jabber Development

Community, Antepo Releases an Enhanced Set of the Jabberbeans Java Apis Back

Into the Open Source. Antepo Aims at Stimulating Java-Based Developments

Among Jabber Developers.

Aug 21, 2002, 01:00 ET from Antepo

    NEW YORK, Aug. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Antepo, the leading provider of
 Jabber-powered mobile Messaging solutions, announces its latest contribution
 to the Jabber movement by releasing back an enhanced set of the Jabberbeans
 Java APIs developed as part of its ACCEPT(TM) platform.
     "By giving back to the hand that once fed us, and providing free access to
 its enhanced version of Java-based Jabberbeans, Antepo wants to reinvigorate
 previous initiatives that have fallen short in bringing Jabber to developers
 who, like Antepo, believe in the flexibility of Java to deploy high-quality
 enterprise and carrier-class software", Jean-Louis Seguineau, Chief Technology
 Officer of Antepo says.  "Anyone can attest to the adoption of Java by major
 industry players in highly complex architectures.  We want to offer Java
 developers the opportunity to leverage Jabber in their own works.  Offering
 Java APIs is critical to opening the Jabber development community to the
 outside world."
     Jabberbeans provided by Antepo are made available on
     Antepo has an established track record as a strong supporter and
 recognized player on the Jabber scene.  Its ACCEPT(TM) carrier-grade platform
 relies on Jabber protocol as its core enabling technology.
     About Antepo
     Antepo delivers ACCEPT(TM) (Advanced Converging Communications and
 Enhanced Presence for the Telecom), an integrated Presence-based Mobile
 Messaging solution for Communication Service Providers that extends Jabber
 technology to next-generation wireless networks.  ACCEPT enables seamless
 access across 2G/2.5G (SMS, WAP) and 3G (J2ME, PocketPC) to real-time
 Messaging and Presence management.  Antepo serves top-notch customers, such as
 Orange and Inmarsat.  Antepo is a member of the Jabber Software Foundation.
 For more information, please visit
     About Jabber Software Foundation
     The Jabber Software Foundation sets and manages Jabber XMPP protocol.
 Jabber is an open, XML-based protocol for instant messaging and presence.
 Jabber-based software is deployed on thousands of servers across the Internet
 and is used by over a million people worldwide.
     Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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