AOL Identified as Most Infected Network by Prolexic Zombie Report

Report Highlights Failure of DDoS Mitigation Devices

Jun 14, 2005, 01:00 ET from Prolexic

    HOLLYWOOD, Fla., June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Prolexic, the world's leading
 provider of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) solutions and security
 consulting products, recently issued a zombie analysis report
 ( that identifies AOL, Comcast, Bellsouth and
 Verizon as the United States' top four offenders for harbouring infected PCs.
 The findings are based on statistics taken from real DDoS attacks during the
 last six months.  Globally, AOL was found to have the most infected network on
 the Internet.
     "It isn't surprising to find that the most high profile Internet Service
 Providers (ISPs) are most susceptible to providing refuge for large numbers of
 zombie PCs.  It is these networks that are continually exploited to support
 large-scale DDoS attacks.  Just because a home user subscribes to a reputable
 brand doesn't mean they're safe from the online criminal fraternity," said
 Barrett Lyon, Prolexic's chief technology officer.
     The report also highlighted a significant change in the way DDoS attacks
 are coordinated.  It was found that attacks are now focusing less on Layer-3
 TCP and honing in on the weakness of DDoS mitigation devices.
     "We have seen a 100 percent failure rate in several DDoS mitigation
 devices.  Hardware does a poor job in identifying attacks that emulate
 legitimate traffic.  Therefore, enterprises that rely on these devices are
 particularly vulnerable to this attack vector.  Essentially, extortionists are
 becoming more intelligent and circumnavigating the security put in place to
 stop them," added Lyon.
     Based on the data, the "attack of choice" in the first half of 2005 was an
 advanced, full-connection-based flood.  This particular attack exposes the
 real IP address of the attacking zombie; however, the sheer number of IP
 addresses needing to be blacklisted to successfully defend the attack places
 an overwhelming load on mitigation hardware.
     The zombie analysis report also identifies Europe as the most zombie-
 infested network overall and that Hong Kong as the most infested network per
 capita.  In conjunction with the report, an Opte image mapping the routes
 involved to the Prolexic IPN with DDoS attacks is provided to demonstrate how
 a single attack can flow over nearly the entire Internet.
     About Prolexic -
     Prolexic Technologies is the worldwide leader in DDoS mitigation services.
 More companies and service providers entrust their networks to Prolexic for
 DDoS protection services than any other Internet security company in the
 world.  Leveraging unique filtering techniques, high-speed bandwidth and
 peering, advanced routing, and other patent-pending devices, Prolexic has
 created the most powerful DDoS detection and protection system in the world.
     Consequently, Prolexic has demonstrated success in monitoring, filtering,
 and routing massive traffic flows, often shouldering multi-gigabit-per-second
 distributed attacks for its customers.  Prolexic's solution is easily
 implemented into networks of all sizes, often with little or no infrastructure
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