Apparition of the Blessed Mother Appears Daily at Virginia Shrine

Mar 15, 2007, 01:00 ET from Synchronicity Foundation

    CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- An apparition of The
 Blessed Mother is appearing daily to many people at the Shrine of the Heart
 within the Sanctuary of Synchronicity Foundation near Wintergreen Ski
 Resort in Virginia, according to Master Charles Cannon, its Spiritual
     Master Charles, an American spiritual visionary, established
 Synchronicity Foundation. A public apparition site in the non-sectarian
 Sanctuary is available on a daily basis and those who come are invited to
 sit in silent meditation. See
     "It's time for a new god," Master Charles says, commenting on the
 current state of humanity. He says that the Blessed Mother's purpose is to
 awaken humanity and Her primary message is, "Life is divine ... you are
 alive ... therefore, you are divine ... and so is all and everything."
     Throughout his whole life, Master Charles has had visionary experiences
 of the Blessed Mother in which Her public apparitional appearance was
 foretold. The public appearances began in August, 2006.
     He spent many years in India in close association with Paramahansa
 Muktananda, one of the most highly regarded Eastern mystics of modern
     Shortly before his teacher passed on, Master Charles says he was
 directed to return to the West and develop a modern approach to the ancient
 art of meditation and its supporting lifestyle. The result is a high-tech
 system introduced in 1983, known as the Synchronicity Experience.
     Those who visit the Blessed Mother Apparition Site are often moved to
 tears and feel deeply blessed. Many have seen Her and reports of powerful
 transformations with heartfelt openings are quite common:
     "There was a golden, shimmering luminosity, oscillating back and forth
 like liquid gold. Then, a female face would emerge and disappear back into
 the golden liquid."
     Martin Thambert - Gothenburg, Sweden
     "I saw blue and violet light and Her face fading in and out. Truly
     Jimmie Gilad - Israel
     "I saw a bluish figure with Her arms and hands up in the air in a
 celebratory pose."
     Kia Scherr - Faber, VA
     The Shrine of the Heart, is located at 2610 Adial Road, Faber, VA
 22938, about 1.5 miles from the village of Nellysford. For more detailed
 information, contact the Sanctuary at 757.644.3400 / 800.962.2033 or via

SOURCE Synchronicity Foundation