Application-Specific Development and Strategic Partnerships Drive Nanotechnology Adoption in the Defense and Security Sector

Aug 09, 2006, 01:00 ET from Frost & Sullivan

    PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Advancements in the
 nanotechnology industry promise to offer improvements in capabilities
 across a spectrum of applications. This is of immense strategic importance
 to the defense and security sector, which has historically leveraged
 technological advances.
     "While nanotechnology offers solutions to a wide-ranging array of
 individual problems, matching application-level problems with
 nanotechnology solutions is going to be a significant challenge for
 nanotech developers," observes Technical Insights Research Analyst Rahul
 Nayar. "Nanotechnology is often seen as a set of solutions rather than a
 monolithic product or technology group."
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     The key to success for nanotechnology firms is to develop optimal
 solutions that not only offer advantages in terms of improved performance
 or lower cost, but also cater to a specific and clearly defined
 application. Although its knowledge base stems from general, broad-stream
 technology development in a number of different areas, firms should
 implement nanotechnology on a case-by-case basis.
     Forming a strong partnership between nanotechnology and defense firms
 will help synchronize nanotechnology development with application-level
 requirements. Such a strategy allows a nanotech firm to combine its core
 domain knowledge and capability with defense contractors' applications
 level experience.
     "By focusing on clear application-level problems that are relevant to
 their customers, nanotech firms give themselves a safe, solid first step,
 and an ideal launch pad," says Nayar. "It also allows them to prove their
 technology and to generate revenues to support ongoing development."
     Partnerships with government defense institutions such as the Defense
 Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Missile Defense Agency and
 the U.S. military wings through mechanisms like the Small Business
 Innovation Research (SBIR) program, will also serve an important role in
 ensuring application-specific development and encourage quicker adoption of
 nanotechnology into mainstream applications.
     These partnerships also encourage funding support for smaller, start-up
 nanotech firms. This is crucial given the long gestation periods and
 extended basic and applied research cycles for nanotech development.
     "Small nanotechnology start-ups offering high-tech solutions face
 funding challenges, especially when they clear the government-funded phases
 of technology development and are planning to commercialize the
 technology," explains Nayar. "Such problems only emphasize the importance
 of cooperation and collaboration in the field of nanotechnology."
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                    Nanotechnology for Defense and Security
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