Apricorn Updates EZ-GIG(TM) to Accommodate Rapid Growth in the Mobile Workforce

EZ-GIG Version 3.4 Now Supports 10GB & 14GB Hard Drives

Mar 29, 1999, 00:00 ET from Apricorn

    SAN DIEGO, March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- As users begin to increasingly rely on
 their laptops for everyday personal and professional use, the need for higher
 capacity notebook hard drives intensifies. Responding to this growing trend,
 Apricorn, a leading manufacturer of notebook computer storage products, today
 announced that its award-winning EZ-GIG(TM) Data Transfer Utility Kit now
 supports up to 14GB hard drives. This new addition enhances Apricorn's
 complete line of storage solutions for notebooks, which include hard drives
 ranging from 2GB to 14GB.
     After extensive research and testing, Apricorn has developed the EZ-GIG
 version 3.4. This latest software update not only efficiently upgrades any
 notebook in a matter of minutes, but is now compatible with larger capacity
 hard drives. After upgrading the hard drive, using EZ-GIG version 3.4, these
 new, larger drives now allow users to download more software programs than
 ever before.
     "In a rapidly growing industry such as mobile computing, it is important
 to offer products that remain on the cutting edge of technology," said
 Paul Brown, president of Apricorn. "The development of EZ-GIG version 3.4 is
 an example of our continuing efforts to develop the most advanced, high
 quality notebook accessories available to consumers."
     About EZ-GIG
     Apricorn's one-click, do-it-yourself, EZ-GIG was the first utility kit
 that allowed users to make an exact mirror copy of their notebook's internal
 hard drive to a new, larger-capacity drive, in less than ten minutes. The
 product provides a direct connection to a new, larger-capacity hard drive
 through a PC Card interface and Apricorn's proprietary utility software. With
 the click of a mouse, EZ-GIG transfers the operating system and all of the
 data, files and applications to the new hard drive. The new drive is then
 installed and the system boots exactly as before -- no reinstallation or
 reconfiguration is necessary. EZ-GIG 3.3 makes the upgrade process even more
     Pricing and Availability
     The Apricorn EZ-GIG Hard Drive Upgrade Solution is available now through
 Ingram Micro, Inc., the industry's largest distributor of microcomputer
 products, and through authorized Apricorn resellers, including Propeller
 Computer Products, COMP USA, Insight, Multiple Zones, and Micro Warehouse.
 Prices for the EZ-GIG Hard Drive Upgrade Solution, including hard drive, begin
 at $329 SRP, and vary according to drive size and portable manufacturer and
 model. In addition, Apricorn offers a variety of configuration and licensing
     The new EZ-GIG software supports the following operating systems:
 MS-DOS(R), Windows(R) 3.X, Windows(R) 95 or higher (including Windows(R) 98),
 Windows NT(R), OS/2, and  Mac OS(TM). EZ-GIG also supports all multiple OS
 scenarios including NT dual boot, OS/2 dual boot, OS/2 Boot Manager and all
 other popular boot selection programs.
     In addition, the EZ-GIG recognizes and properly transfers all special
 notebook partitions such as SystemSoft suspend partitions, Phoenix Miser
 partitions, AMI BIOS suspend partitions and Compaq Armada setup partitions.
     Toll-free technical support is available for all Apricorn products from
 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday, and via the Apricorn Tech Support Web Page.
     About Apricorn
     Apricorn Inc., headquartered in San Diego, California, specializes in
 portable computing storage products, and has been at the forefront of
 developing new computer product enhancements and add-ons for nearly 15 years.
 Apricorn has maintained its leadership position by consistently being the
 first to market with reliable, high-capacity memory modules for new notebook
 computers. The product line currently includes over 150 different memory
 expansion products for every popular notebook computer from today's leading
 manufacturers. Apricorn's EZ-GIG recently won a WIN100 award from WINDOWS
 Magazine, and has been officially approved by such notebook makers as Fujitsu,
 Dell, Toshiba, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and IBM.
     Contact Apricorn at 800-458-5448, or 619-513-2000, or at www.apricorn.com.
     NOTE:  All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

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