APSCREEN Provides Free Searches on National Sex Offender Registry Website

Mar 10, 2004, 00:00 ET from APSCREEN

    NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- APSCREEN, the world's
 leading full-service Consumer Reporting Agency, announced that beginning in
 March 2004, it will provide free searches to consumers as a public service on
 a newly created website called the National Sex Offender Registry.  In the
 past, this information has been used exclusively for commercial and law
 enforcement purposes.
     Tom Lawson, CFE, CII & Founder of APSCREEN, comments, "I've been working
 in the investigative research field since 1980.  In fact, APSCREEN practically
 invented background screening at a time when few even knew what that term
 meant.  Because we feel so strongly about the protection and safety of our
 children, we are providing this free service so people can easily know whether
 they have a sex offender living in their area.  There are still state and
 local governments that deny public access to this vital information, so we
 compiled all of the available databases of sex offenders throughout the nation
 and are offering this information absolutely free to the public; this is not a
 profit center for our company."
     There is no registration or fee for the service and anyone who has a
 computer and access to the Internet and a web browser can use it.  Should a
 person have any reason to suspect that someone in their neighborhood, school
 district or community might have a sex crime history they can go directly to
 www.nationalsexoffenderregistry.net and enter the name of the subject and have
 a good chance of locating information about a sex offender's past.  Currently
 the database covers 34 states and 12 local areas for a total of 46
 jurisdictions.  Most of the time, the sex crime records contain enough
 personal information to verify the identity of a suspect, or provide a lead to
 pursue further research.
     Former FBI Special Agent in Charge Richard Rogge, known for his work on
 the Kennedy assassination, says this about the service, "I've done business
 with Tom Lawson for 24 years now, and I can honestly say he is one of the most
 stand-up guys I've ever met.  His has integrity and his work is impeccable.
 Deciding to offer this service free to the public, at his own expense, is just
 another example of the good work he has been doing for over 24 years now."
     APSCREEN (www.Apscreen.com), founded in 1980, is the originator of the
 modern-day factual employment-screening concept.  Other services include asset
 discovery, permissible credit reporting, motor vehicle records, and fraud
 examination.  Tom Lawson is a certified fraud examiner, certified
 international investigator, expert witness and holds key positions in several
 national trade associations.  Lawson is available for public speaking
 engagements and white papers can be obtained by calling 1 800 277-2733.
      Public Relations Contact:  Cathy Taylor (949) 635-4923
      Company Contact:           Tom Lawson   (949) 646-4003
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