Archie(R) Gulps Latest Latin Drink

Licuados Featured in Special Archie COMIC CON Issue

Jul 17, 2003, 01:00 ET from The California Milk Processor Board

    SAN DIEGO, July 17 /PRNewswire/ -- What does Archie, one of America's
 longest running and most popular comic book characters, have to do with the
 latest trend in beverages?   The answer lies in the newly released Archie(R)
 Comic book (No. 538) story called "The Big Shake Up."  In a special issue
 released for this week's COMIC CON -- the international comic book expo in San
 Diego -- Archie and Friends are introduced to Licuados (pronounced
 LEE-KWA-DHOs), a fresh fruit and milk drink that is spreading far beyond its
 Latin roots.
     "Archie stories need to stay abreast of pop culture," says George Gladir,
 Archie Comics writer.  "Licuados are the latest craze in California, so it
 made sense to develop this piece around them."
     As part of the COMIC CON exhibition, the California Milk Processor Board
 will give away free samples of Licuados like "Berry me Alive" and "Fiesta
 Licuado."  Local Licuado bar owner, Elizabeth Estrada of Chula Vista's
 Tropical Delights, will blend Licuados on-site, providing hands-on
 demonstrations and giving away recipes for home preparation.
     "Few kids outside the Latino community have tasted a Licuado," says Jeff
 Manning, executive director of the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB).
 "Our job is to put one in their mouths and get them to ask 'GOT LICUADO?'"
     About Licuados
     Licuados (pronounced lee-kwa-dohs) are an authentic blended beverage found
 all over Mexico, Central and Latin America. They are traditionally made with
 cold milk, ice and fresh fruit, like mangoes, papaya, guava, manzana (apple),
 platano (plantain) and even cacao (cocoa powder).  Also called "batidos"
 (pronounced bah-tee-dohs), Licuados are enjoyed both at home and at sidewalk
 stalls/booths that colorfully display a wide range of fresh fruit and other
 ingredients.  Licuados have a deep, rich heritage dating back to ancient South
 America and Mexico.  Today they are gaining popularity among people of all
 ages and ethnic backgrounds.
     The California Milk Processor Board was established in 1993 to make milk
 more competitive and increase milk consumption in California.  GOT MILK? is a
 registered trademark and has been licensed nationally since 1995.  A separate
 Spanish-language campaign has been running in California since 1994.  GOT
 MILK? gifts and the newly released GUIDE TO CALIFORNIA'S BEST LICUADOS, can be
 viewed at .  The CMPB is funded by all California milk
 processors and administered by the California Department of Food and
     Archie Comics
     Archie Comic Publications, Inc. is the internationally renowned comic book
 publisher of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and Reggie and their Riverdale
 friends, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Sonic the Hedgehog, Josie and the
 Pussycats and a host of other character properties.  For more than 60 years,
 Archie and Friends have entertained millions with their timeless tales of the
 trials and tribulations of growing up.

SOURCE The California Milk Processor Board