Archipelago Exchange to Offer Index Services

- Index Services to Serve as a Launch Pad for ETFs; Newbridge Nanotechnology

Index is First Index to List on ArcaEx -

Jun 07, 2005, 01:00 ET from ArcaEx

    CHICAGO, June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- The Archipelago Exchange (ArcaEx), the
 nation's first totally open, all-electronic stock exchange, today announced a
 new service dedicated to indexes.  As part of the new service, ArcaEx will
 serve as the calculation agent for newly created third party indexes and
 disseminate the index values to the consolidated tape association for
 investors and data vendors to access.  The service also provides a listings'
 venue for those indexes and ETF's that choose to list on ArcaEx, a facility of
 the Pacific Exchange.
     ArcaEx Index Services includes index ticker symbol creation, real time
 calculation of third party indices, and a real-time data feed.  Listed indexes
 will also have dedicated space on the ArcaEx website offering a description of
 the index calculation methodology, charts, downloadable data tools and other
 features for real time and historical values.  Archipelago plans to launch the
 service in the third quarter of 2005 and has already received strong client
     "The number of indices in the U.S. is growing rapidly as more creative
 investors continue to seek benchmarks for their unique investing styles, which
 is leading to increased demand for listings services at the exchanges," said
 Lisa Dallmer, Director of ETF Listings Services at the Archipelago Exchange.
 "ArcaEx has a unique position as an electronic exchange to facilitate these
 index listings through our ability to better handle real-time information and
     Dallmer continued, "The real upside for ArcaEx is the opportunity to be
 well-positioned to list indexes that attract the interest of a sponsor and
 ultimately become exchange-traded funds (ETFs).  The ETF market is poised for
 growth, and electronic exchanges are an ideal listing venue for these
 incredibly liquid investment tools."
     "Electronic exchanges like ArcaEx are a great place for the listing of an
 index," said Guy Amico, president of Newbridge Securities Corporation.  "We
 are thrilled to be the first client and believe ArcaEx's technology platform
 provides just the traction needed to increase the use of our Nanotechnology
     The Newbridge Nanotechnology Index has been constructed to track the stock
 market performance of companies that are currently active in nanotechnology,
 which involves the precise assembly and manipulation of matter at the atomic
 or molecular level.
     About ArcaEx
     Archipelago Holdings Inc. (PCX: AX) operates the Archipelago Exchange
 (ArcaEx(R)), the first totally open all-electronic stock exchange in the
 United States to trade Nasdaq-listed equity securities and exchange listed
 equity securities, including those traded on the New York Stock Exchange(R),
 American Stock Exchange(R) and Pacific Exchange(R). ArcaEx offers corporate
 issuers and investors the advantages of meeting directly, without
 intermediaries within a fully electronic and totally transparent environment.
 ArcaEx is a facility of and regulated by the Pacific Exchange, a registered
 exchange.  ArcaEx was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission in
 October 2001 and ArcaEx began trading operations in March 2002.  The
 Archipelago ECN, a precursor to ArcaEx, was one of the four original ECNs,
 formed in December 1996 with Townsend Analytics.  For more information please
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