Architecture Experts Available to Offer Guidance on Disaster and Storm Preparedness

May 19, 2006, 01:00 ET from American Institute of Architects

    WASHINGTON, May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- With storm season looming, many
 Americans are focusing on their safety and on the dependability of their
 homes in the event of a hurricane. The American Institute of Architects
 (AIA) can provide experts -- at AIA headquarters in Washington, DC and in
 storm-prone areas around the Gulf Coast -- to speak on disaster
 preparedness topics including:
     * home preparation for storms/hurricanes
     * characteristics of homes that withstand natural disasters
     * building a new home in storm-prone regions
     * building codes or building preparation advice for storm-prone regions
     * advice for city planners for storm-prone regions
     Available to speak with the media are:
     David Downey -- Managing director of AIA Center for Communities by Design
         * Oversees the AIA Disaster Assistance Program which provides
           resources and support to architects helping communities recover from
           a disaster
         * Participated in a multidisciplinary Sri Lanka aid team after the
           tsunami disaster
         * Has shared his expertise on disaster preparedness and mitigation in
           various media outlets, including CNN's "American Morning," The New
           York Times and New Orleans Times-Picayune
     Mike Rodriguez -- President of Rodriguez Architects, Inc. and lifelong
                       resident of South Florida
         * Has been active in disaster mitigation and response efforts since
           1992 when Hurricane Andrew swept through the area
         * Serves on the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
           (NCARB) Disaster Response Task Force, which advises on the
           regulatory role of disaster relief
         * Co-chairs the AIA Florida Disaster Response Task Force, which is
           developing a response mechanism for Florida architects
         * Is known for his expertise on the Americans with Disabilities Act
           and the Florida Building Code
     Steve J. Oubre -- Co-founder of Architects Southwest
         * Is the only Louisiana architect chosen to serve on the Louisiana
           Recovery Authority architectural team, which is charged with
           creating a physical plan for rebuilding the Louisiana Gulf Coast
     For further information, please contact:
     Kathleen Reilly: (202) 336-7966,
     Scott Frank: (202) 626-7467,

SOURCE American Institute of Architects