ARINC 653 for RTLinuxPro Released

Jan 25, 2006, 00:00 ET from FSMLabs

    SOCORRO, N.M., Jan. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- FSMLabs, (
 today announced ARINC 653 scheduling is now available in RTLinuxPro(R).
 Designed for avionics control and advanced hardware-in-loop simulation,
 ARINC 653 provides a fully protected and partitioned scheduling environment
 configured using a standard XML format.  The ARINC scheduler has been added to
 FSMLabs' industry leading Process Space Development Domain (PSDD) product
 which executes real-time threads in the address space of Linux or BSD
     Richard Bond, in his work as Principal Real-Time Specialist for
 Lockheed-Martin developed an RTLinuxPro based simulator, contributes:
     "RTLinuxPro and PSDD enabled a simple simulation framework, allowed me the
     choice to develop user-level I/O drivers, and provided outstanding
     performance.  ARINC 653 support will make this tool even more useful."
     PSDD is especially well suited to large scale simulation and test
     Dean Anneser, a Software Engineering Fellow at Pratt & Whitney says:
     "PSDD provides a very stable cost effective scalable multi-platform
     solution for our simulation, control, and data acquisition systems."
     FSMLabs ARINC 653 partitions use RTCore's POSIX standard API: threads,
 semaphores, shared memory and other standard interfaces.  Applications may be
 written in "C," C++, and FORTRAN.  ADA support is planned.  A single device
 can run ARINC partitions alongside standard RTCore threads, Linux and Linux
 applications.  Multi-processor systems can run multiple ARINC "cabinets" and
 may reserve processors for real-time where ultimate performance is required.
 Even without reservation, FSMLabs ARINC 653 provides low microsecond hard
 real-time execution.
     ARINC 653 support is an optional component for the RTLinuxPro development
 kit, which provides all of the tools needed to build hard real-time
 applications out of the box, including all development tools.  Other options
 include an Eclipse based IDE, a complete Carrier Grade Linux distribution, VME
 direct drive, and real-time networking.
     Availability: Immediate for x86, PPC, 64/32bit, uniprocessors,
 SMP & multi-core.
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 operations.  FSMLabs products include RTLinux, RTCoreBSD, LNet real-time
 networking, VxIT VxWorks migration tools, and the ControlsKit XML/RPC
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