Arobella Medical, LLC Launches Qoustic Wound Therapy System(TM)

Product focuses ultrasound debridement to gently clean and help heal

chronic wounds

Feb 11, 2008, 00:00 ET from Arobella Medical, LLC

    MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Arobella Medical, LLC, today
 announced that it has launched the Qoustic Wound Therapy System(TM), which
 advances the use of low-frequency cavitational ultrasound for wound care.
 The product offers a safe, cost-effective alternative to painful sharps
 debridement and other surgical modalities. The Qoustic Wound Therapy System
 assists healing by gently removing dead or diseased tissue cells and
 bacteria, leaving healthy and pre-healing granulation tissue intact. It is
 also useful in preparing the wound bed for other therapies, such as grafts
 and flaps.
     Low-frequency ultrasound debridement is emerging as a preferred method
 of care for many types of wounds, including pressure ulcers, diabetic
 ulcers, infected wounds, burns and other chronic wounds. Five to seven
 million people each year in the United States require treatment for chronic
 wounds resulting from ulcers, sores, burns, fistulas and other conditions.
 A significant number of the people with chronic wounds have diabetes, and
 rapid growth of the diabetic population is increasing the need for advanced
 wound care.
     "The Qoustic Wound Therapy System debrides by deploying focused
 ultrasound energy directly on the wound bed, notably improving the
 effectiveness of debridement versus sharps debridement alone. The use of
 ultrasound helps preserve healthy tissue and protects newly formed
 granulation tissue, while being gentle and efficient," said Eliaz Babaev,
 PhD, president and CEO of Arobella Medical. "The system has the potential
 to significantly advance patient care and health care worker safety, as
 well as reduce costs."
     The Qoustic Wound Therapy System removes harmful bacteria and biofilm
 and improves wound bed circulation. The system's unique, dome-shaped
 Qoustic Qurette(TM) vibrates at 35 kHz, converting electrical energy to
 ultrasound waves and focusing them intensively on the wound. Sterile saline
 solution transfers the ultrasonic energy to the wound, where tiny vibrating
 gas bubbles and cellular-level fluid movement separate dead and harmful
 cells from healthy tissue. As a result, dead and harmful cells are
 fragmented and destroyed, thus aiding in their easy removal with the edge
 of the Qoustic Qurette.
     The Qoustic Wound Therapy System is portable and can be used in many
 health care settings - including the bedside - by certified wound care
 specialists, including physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners,
 physician assistants, physical therapists and podiatrists. The system
 reduces splash and aerosolization. It can reduce wound care costs in
 several ways: fast setup, no required disposables, short procedure times,
 effective procedures that reduce debridement frequency, efficient use of
 saline and fast cleanup. The system has FDA 510(k) clearance and uses
 established reimbursement codes for selective and non-selective surgical
 debridement and active wound care management.
     "Of the ultrasonic wound care devices on the market, I am most
 impressed by the Qoustic Wound Therapy System, particularly its ease of use
 and controlled debridement of wounds," said Dr. Jeffrey A. Niezgoda, MD,
 medical director of Hyperbaric and Wound Care Associates in Milwaukee. "The
 system allows me to remove diseased tissue while protecting healthy
     Benefits of Ultrasound for Wound Care
     When electrical energy is converted to mechanical motion, sound
 pressure waves are created. These ultrasound waves can have thermal and/or
 physical effects in tissue. Low-frequency ultrasound has been shown to have
 cellular- level physical effects, known as cavitation and microstreaming,
 that can promote healing. Cavitation is the formation and oscillation of
 microscopic bubbles, which expand and collapse as they resonate with the
 ultrasound frequency. Acoustic microstreaming is the physical force of
 sound pressure waves that can displace small molecules and move fluids
 along and/or through cell membranes. Together, these effects alter cellular
 activity and protein synthesis, both of which are critical in repairing
 tissue damage. Scientific studies have demonstrated that ultrasound
 debridement is a convenient and effective wound care technique.
     About Arobella Medical, LLC
     Arobella Medical, LLC is Minneapolis-based medical device company
 specializing in low-frequency ultrasound for wound care and other wound
 management therapies. Arobella Medical, LLC is positioned to become a
 leader in advanced ultrasound wound care technologies and devices. Arobella
 Medical, LLC co-founder and CEO Eliaz Babaev has more than 45 years of
 experience developing, designing and commercializing medical devices that
 use ultrasound. For more information, go to

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