Array BioPharma to Present Inflammation Pipeline at the 14th International IRA Conference

Oct 03, 2006, 01:00 ET from Array BioPharma Inc.

    BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Array BioPharma Inc.
 (Nasdaq:   ARRY) today announced that its President and Chief Scientific
 Officer, Kevin Koch, Ph.D., will present preclinical and early clinical
 data on the MEK inhibitor, ARRY-438162, at the 14th International
 Inflammation Research Association (IRA) Conference on October 19 in
 Cambridge, Maryland.
     Event:               14th International IRA Conference
     Presenter:           Kevin Koch, Ph.D, President and Chief Scientific
     Title:               ARRY-438162, a Selective, Potent Inhibitor of MEK 1 /
                          2 in Clinical Development for the Treatment of
                          Inflammatory Disease
     Date:                Thursday, October 19, 2006
     Time:                8:15 am Eastern Time
     Location:            Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay, Cambridge, Maryland
     Additionally, Array will have two other presentations on Wednesday,
 October 18, 2006:
     Presenter:           Laurence E. Burgess, Ph.D., Senior Director,
                          Medicinal Chemistry and Lead Optimization
     Title:               The De Novo Design and Discovery of p38 Inhibitors
     Time:                11:00 am Eastern Time
     Presenter:           Patrice Lee, Ph.D., Director, Pharmacology and
     Title:               Effects of a p38 MAP Kinase Inhibitor in an Animal
                          Model of Pulmonary Inflammation via Intratracheal
                          (IT) or Inhaled Delivery
     Time:                4:20 pm Eastern Time
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 program, please go to
     About Inflammatory Disease
     Inflammation is a natural biologic response to injury or infectious
 attack to the human body. Unregulated inflammation results in a broad range
 of conditions, most of which are classified by the tissue or organ where
 the inflammation occurs. These conditions include rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
 in the joint, psoriasis in the skin, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
 in the lung, fibrotic disease in the liver and kidney, Crohn's disease in
 the intestine, congestive hear failure and arteriosclerosis in the
 arteries, among others. Currently, some of the most effective treatments
 for these diseases are injectable protein therapeutics, which have
 significant cost and patient compliance issues. IV-dosed protein
 therapeutics currently on the market -- such as Enbrel(R), Remicade(R),
 Humira(R) and Kineret (R) -- bind to and/or modulate the activity of the
 inflammatory cytokines TNF-alpha or IL-1 and are utilized for the treatment
 of RA, psoriasis and Crohn's disease. The TNF inhibition market alone,
 which is dominated by these therapeutics, is expected to grow from $9
 billion in 2005 to $17 billion in 2010, according to analyst estimates.
     About ARRY-438162 / MEK for Inflammation
     MEK is an enzyme that regulates the biosynthesis of the inflammatory
 cytokines TNF, IL-6 and IL-1. Array scientists have discovered potent MEK
 inhibitors that interfere with these biosynthetic processes. We have
 previously advanced one MEK inhibitor, ARRY-886, into clinical development
 for the treatment of cancer. Given our experience with the safety profile
 of MEK inhibitors, we believe inhibition of MEK will have broad
 applications in diseases driven by IL-1 and TNF. ARRY-438162, an orally
 active MEK inhibitor, has shown significant efficacy and is well tolerated
 in preclinical models of human arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.
 We initiated Phase 1 clinical testing in normal, healthy volunteers in
 April 2006.
     About ARRY-797 / p38 for Inflammation and Cancer
     p38 is an enzyme that regulates the production of numerous
 pro-inflammatory cytokines, in particular, TNF, IL-6 and IL-1.
 Additionally, several cancers have show up-regulation of TNF and IL-6,
 including prostate, ovarian and multiple myeloma; p38 may be involved as
 part of a resistance mechanism. ARRY-797, an orally active p38 inhibitor,
 has demonstrated significant efficacy and is well tolerated in preclinical
 models of human arthritis and certain cytokine-driven cancers. We plan to
 file an IND application with the FDA by the end of 2006.
     About Array BioPharma:
     Array BioPharma Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the
 discovery, development and commercialization of targeted small molecule
 drugs to treat life threatening and debilitating diseases. Our proprietary
 drug development pipeline is focused on the treatment of cancer and
 inflammatory disease and includes clinical candidates that are designed to
 regulate therapeutically important targets. In addition, leading
 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies collaborate with Array to
 discover and develop drug candidates across a broad range of therapeutic
 areas. For more information on Array, please go to

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