Arryx Launches BioRyx(R) 200 Infrared System

Nov 08, 2004, 00:00 ET from Arryx, Inc.

    CHICAGO, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Arryx, Inc. announced today that it has
 added an infrared (IR) product to its line of BioRyx(R) 200 optical trapping
 systems. The BioRyx(R) 200 IR system extends Arryx' proprietary, three-
 dimensional holographic laser tweezer technology into the infrared portion of
 the spectrum. Arryx' easy-to-use real-time trapping software allows users to
 create a variety of infrared traps and simultaneously monitor and record
 fluorescence from a broad range of dyes. This gives researchers in biology and
 nanotechnology the unique ability to manipulate hundreds of microscopic
 objects, from blood and cancer cells to DNA and nanotubes, independently and
 simultaneously in three dimensions.
     The flexibility of the BioRyx(R) 200 IR system enables researchers in
 biology to have unprecedented control in cellular studies. In addition to
 moving and rotating single cells and sub-cellular components, large groups of
 components can be manipulated for complex interaction studies. Objects can be
 manipulated interactively, or moved along pre-programmed three-dimensional
 trajectories. The system can be configured with a variety of additional
 components, such as epi-fluorescent illumination, a Total Internal Reflection
 Fluorescence (TIRF) system, a laser cutter, dark field imaging, phase contrast
 imaging, or low light cameras.
     With applications ranging from manufacturing of microstructures, to
 deposition of nanotubes, to binding studies between cancer cells and natural
 killer cells, Arryx expects its technology will find wide application in areas
 such as development of health diagnostic equipment and prototyping of
 equipment for nanoassembly. "The BioRyx(R) 200 IR system for the first time
 provides researchers with a large number of infrared traps. Optical trapping
 has been around for 15 years, and has enabled a large amount of amazing
 research. Our new system allows scientists to extend this work by performing
 massively parallelized experiments. In addition, it uncovers a body of
 exciting new applications," said Lewis Gruber, President and CEO of Arryx.
 More information about the BioRyx(R) 200 systems can be found at .
     About Arryx
     Arryx employs holographic laser steering at the microscopic and nanoscopic
 levels to improve manufacturing and processing profitability and productivity
 in multiple markets that depend on miniaturization. Arryx is a winner of the
 2004 Chicago Innovation Award due to the unlimited product possibilities based
 on its technology. Arryx' technology uses multiple beams to hold and
 manipulate objects like a miniature 'tractor beam'. Arryx' BioRyx(R) 200
 system is commercially available. Arryx has a number of other applications in
 various stages of development in several industry segments. Arryx' next
 product is its cell-sorting equipment, the CelRyx(TM) system. The initial
 applications of CelRyx(TM) system are designed to increase productivity and
 profitability in the cattle and dairy industries, by sorting cattle sperm for
 viability and gender selection, and the blood-bank equipment industry, by
 processing blood components.

SOURCE Arryx, Inc.