Artificial Life Releases Powerful New Data Mining Product: ALIFE-LOGATOR(TM)

Nov 28, 2000, 00:00 ET from Artificial Life, Inc.

    BOSTON, Nov. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Artificial Life (Nasdaq:   ALIF), the
 leading provider of SmartBot(TM) technology for the Internet today announced
 the release of its new data mining product: ALife-Logator(TM). The product is
 designed to help companies analyze the natural language conversation log files
 of their client discourses with the Artificial Life software robots such as
 the ALife Webguide(TM). The Logator(TM) is the second data mining tool the
 Company has released and strongly enhances the functionality of the
 ALife-STAn(TM) (smart text analyzer) product released earlier this year.
     The ALife-Logator(TM) was designed for multiple purpose usage within
 corporations such as:
     * FOR MARKETING ... ALife-Logator(TM) analyzes customers' preferences and
     desires. ALife-Logator(TM) may be used to visualize trends over time and
     determine the efficiency of advertising campaigns.
     * FOR SALES ... ALife-Logator(TM) reveals customers' demographic
     classification and their interests. ALife-Logator(TM) uncovers buying
     objections, revealing information in natural language needed to close
     * FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ... ALife-Logator(TM) improves customer service by
     determining and analyzing customers' questions.
     * FOR KNOWLEDGE ANALYSTS ... ALife-Logator(TM) helps knowledge analysts
     improve knowledge bases by finding weaknesses and topics that are lacking
     information. ALife-Logator(TM) helps evaluate and prioritize tasks for
     knowledge base maintenance.
     Analyzing Natural Language Conversations
     ALife-Logator(TM) is a software tool for analyzing log files created by
 any ALife product using the ALife SmartEngine(TM), a powerful natural language
 processor. Designed to enhance the power of ALife's family of smart bots,
 ALife-Logator(TM) processes conversation log files generated by Artificial
 Life products in order to analyze customers' preferences and requirements.
 Using sophisticated filtering, sorting, and search methods, ALife-Logator(TM)
 helps to easily discover what users think about a Web site, what products they
 like, and if they find what they are seeking. For once, it is possible to
 evaluate customer reactions to different marketing and sales strategies by
 assessing their natural language comments. In addition, charts and statistical
 reports graphically present and visualize your customer's interactions with
 ALife(TM) smart bots.
     Filtering Log Files
     ALife-Logator(TM) allows you to filter log files so only the files
 pertinent to your specific criteria are processed (e.g. log files containing
 conversations about a certain topic, log files of a certain length, or log
 files that help to improve a specific Knowledge Base or topic).  Sorting Log
 files, ALife-Logator's(TM) ability to specify certain sort criteria help you
 find log files or information in log files by prioritizing the order of log
 files displayed. Sort criteria can include number of turns in certain topics
 or Knowledge Bases covered, number of total topics covered, number of total
 turns, dialog lengths, date, or domain.
     Search Functionality
     ALife-Logator(TM) allows users to quickly find a keyword or phrase in any
 of the conversation logs collected in the ALife-Logator(TM) database. It also
 allows you to display only the parts of conversations that belong to a certain
 topic or knowledge base, or parts that contain only certain keywords or
 phrases, allowing you to locate specific information from your customer
     Convenient Charts and Reports
     ALife-Logator(TM) offers various ways for viewing statistics about your
 customer conversations, including bot usage, knowledge base usage, topic
 frequency, Web actions, click actions, domains, and dialog length. The charts
 may be created based on an hourly, weekly, or monthly time period. Multiple
 graphical representations of statistical results include pie charts, point,
 line, area, and bar graphs. Archiving and Marking Log files: ALife-
 Logator's(TM) abilities to use and create archives and mark a given project's
 log files make it an essential tool for knowledge base maintenance.  Easy
 Integration with ALife Bots-ALife-Logator(TM) is especially useful for
 processing conversation logs generated by ALife-WebGuide(TM) and other members
 of the ALife SmartBot(TM) family.
     SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:  Operating System: Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT 4.0 or
 higher, Linux, or Solaris. Please contact us for other supported platforms.
 CPU and Memory:  PII 400 or greater with at least 128 MB RAM.  Disk Space: The
 complete ALife-Logator installation requires 10MB of disk space. Additional
 space will be needed for log files.  Java Virtual Machine: ALife-Logator
 requires a Sun compatible Java Virtual Machine (JVM) version 1.2 or 1.2.2.
     About Artificial Life
     Founded in 1994, Artificial Life, Inc. (Nasdaq:   ALIF) develops, markets,
 and supports intelligent software robots for the Internet. The company offers
 uniquely conversational bot-based products for customer service, consultative
 selling, Web-based learning, Web site navigation, automated e-mail response,
 and financial portfolio management. Major customers of the Artificial Life
 Group include, among others, Pioneer Investment Management, Inc., Credit
 Suisse First Boston, UBS, Advance Bank, Eagle Star, and MobilCom.  The Company
 recently won a Massachusetts Interactive Media Council (MIMC) award in the
 category of "Enabling Technologies-User Applications"
     Artificial Life, Inc. is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A,
 and maintains subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, Russia and Hong Kong.
 Detailed information about Artificial Life, Inc. and its products is available
     "Safe Harbor" Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act
 of 1995:
     Statements in this press release regarding Artificial Life, Inc.'s
 business which are not historical facts are "forward-looking statements" that
 involve risks and uncertainties. For a discussion of such risks and
 uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ from those contained
 in the forward-looking statements, see "Risk Factors" in the Company's Annual
 Report or Form 10-K for the most recently ended fiscal year.

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