Ask Jeeves Expands Answers on With Addition of Popularity Technology and Advanced Features

Aug 31, 2000, 01:00 ET from Ask Jeeves, Inc.

    EMERYVILLE, Calif., Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ --
 Ask Jeeves, Inc.(R) (Nasdaq:   ASKJ), a leading provider of question answering
 technologies and services, today announced the launch of an updated version of  The redesigned site connects Ask Jeeves visitors with more
 relevant answers to their more than three million questions a day.  Through
 powerful popularity search technology and enhanced navigation services,
 Ask Jeeves offers users a more efficient, relevant and intuitive way for
 people to find the information, products and services they need.
     New features to include a redesigned homepage with faster load
 time, an enhanced reply page utilizing unique popularity technology, the
 integration of the Open Directory Project and the addition of a universal
 navigation bar.  The enhancements provide consumers with additional ways of
 finding information through the site and improve the relevancy and accuracy of
 answers to their queries.
     "The redesign of showcases the evolution of the company," said
 Sean Murphy, vice president of product management for Ask Jeeves.  "Ask Jeeves
 has consistently built and improved upon its question answering service in an
 effort to satisfy users and direct them to the most relevant answers.  Through
 the addition of powerful popularity and directory technologies and improved
 methods of search we are poised to succeed at this endeavor."
     Comprehensive Reply Page Provides Users With Even More Answers has enhanced its reply page to provide users with links to even
 more relevant answers to their questions.  Now, when a user asks a question
 they are provided with popularity results and related search results in
 addition to Ask Jeeves' question and answer and metasearch results.
 Metasearch results provide the top ten results from search partners who
 include Altavista, Excite, WebCrawler, and
     Combination of human editorial judgment with popularity technology
 delivers more relevant results.
     Jeeves Popularity Search utilizes patented popularity technology to
 reflect the collective experience of millions of Web searchers, increasing the
 relevancy of search results in response to customer queries. The Jeeves reply
 page features popularity-based results by marking them with orange icons of
 people, indicating the relevancy of that result in response to the user query
 with a ranking between one and five.
     The reply page has been further enhanced with the addition of Jeeves
 Related Search, another feature that utilizes Ask Jeeves' patented popularity
 technology.  This feature allows users to expand their search through reverse
 relevance technology, recommending additional topics that are related to the
 user's original query and may be of interest.
     Addition of Open Directory Project and Redesign of Home Page Improves the
 User Experience's new homepage maintains the simple, clean look the site has had
 since its launch with the question box prominently displayed.  It is now
 faster loading, includes a universal navigation bar and features a new
 "areas of interest" section.  In addition to posing a question in plain
 English, users can now browse these areas of interest to access more than
 10,000 categories included in the Open Directory Project, the largest
 human-edited directory of Internet sites.  Ask Jeeves layers its award-winning
 popularity-technology onto the directory to help visitors find the
 most useful information as quickly and effectively as possible.
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