Aspen Aerogels Insulation Meets Long-Term Performance Requirements for High Pressure, High Temperature Subsea Pipe-in-Pipe

Feb 06, 2008, 00:00 ET from Aspen Aerogels

    NORTHBOROUGH, Mass., Feb. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Aspen Aerogels'
 Spaceloft(R) and Pyrogel(R) insulation materials easily meet 20- to 35-year
 performance requirements for high pressure, high temperature subsea
 pipe-in-pipe applications in the Gulf of Mexico and other areas, according
 to a new study.
     The study, conducted for a major engineering company and oil company,
 evaluated Spaceloft's and Pyrogel's thermal conductivity, compression,
 water repellency and long-term shrinkage before and after aging. The
 testing determined that both materials are highly suitable for long life in
 the high pressure and temperatures (up to 350 degrees F) of ultra deep
 water pipe-in- pipe lines.
     "Aspen Aerogels' materials are delivering performance where the benefit
 is high to the user. Our customers' requirements are changing as they go
 deeper, and we are happy to deliver a solution to their stringent
 insulation needs," said Harry Walkoff, Aspen Aerogels' vice president of
 sales and marketing, Hydrocarbon Processing Industries.
     In pipe-in-pipe lines, Aspen's insulation is used between the inner and
 outer pipe, offering the lowest thermal conductivity while being much
 thinner than other pipe insulations. This means the outer pipe can be
 smaller, saving substantially on steel weight and cost. Spaceloft and
 Pyrogel come in reinforced, flexible blanket form, which greatly simplifies
     Aspen's pipe-in-pipe insulation has been proven in projects in Gulf of
 Mexico, North Sea and West Africa and will soon be used in offshore Brazil.
 With future drilling expected to be in deeper waters, the ability of pipe
 insulation to withstand high fluid temperatures is vital.
Study results: -- Thermal conductivity -- Both materials reported minimal thermal conductivity change after aging -- a mean variation within 3 percent. -- Compression -- The materials showed acceptable strain recovery and thermal conductivity after being exposed to simulated loading and operation temperatures. -- Water repellency -- Hhydrophobic properties of the materials were unaffected after ageing. -- Long-term shrinkage -- Testing showed no gap formation after simulated installation and mechanical fastening of the insulation system on the pipe. About Aspen Aerogels Aspen Aerogels supplies nanoporous aerogel insulation products that are two- to four-times more effective than traditional insulation materials. Aspen Aerogels' insulation solutions deliver thermal and other benefits that enable customers to conserve energy and save money in a variety of industries including oil and gas production and processing, and LNG shipping and storage.

SOURCE Aspen Aerogels