Astaro Adds First Full Gateway-Based Spyware Protection to Flagship Perimeter Security Package

Protection Integrated With a Firewall Prevents Spyware From Ever Reaching


Mar 08, 2005, 00:00 ET from Astaro Corporation

    BURLINGTON, Mass. and KARLSRUHE, Germany, March 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Astaro
 Corporation today announced Astaro Security Linux 5.2, which adds the first
 complete gateway-based spyware protection to its award-winning flagship
 perimeter security package -- blocking both incoming spyware, adware and other
 malicious applications, as well as preventing spyware from sending
 confidential information outside the enterprise.
     "Gateway spyware protection can greatly reduce the impact on productivity
 and help preserve privacy," said Jan Hichert, CEO and co-founder of Astaro.
 "Astaro is offering the first firewall-based security product that protects
 clients from spyware infection attempts and prevents infected computers from
 sending personal web usage data out over the internet."
     Spyware and adware can interfere with work, drastically slow computer
 performance, and secretly transmit information on user web surfing and
 purchasing activities to hackers.  One recent study by America Online and the
 National Cyber Security Alliance (October 2004) found 80 percent of surveyed
 computers infected, with an average of 93 spyware and adware components on
 each infected system.
     Desktop anti-spyware products help address the problem, but they are
 difficult to manage and provide only partial spyware protection -- de-
 installing detected spyware that already made its way to the system.  Astaro
 Security Linux 5.2 includes a full anti-spyware package protecting enterprises
 from malware, adware and other malicious applications -- before they reach an
 end-user computer.
     According to Gartner analysts John Girard and Mark Nicolett, "Spyware has
 evolved from being an occasional nuisance to something that wastes IT user and
 technical support resources, and compromises the integrity of corporate
 systems, applications and data.  Although many tools can eradicate the
 resulting system corruption, most tools are not designed for use in corporate
 environments.  In the near term, IT organizations should deploy multiple tools
 and plan to exploit emerging anti-spyware technologies from major security
 vendors." *
     Astaro's security technology inserts protection against spyware at the
 gateway between the Internet and an enterprise's internal networks.  With it:
      * Spyware and adware software can be blocked before it enters the
        organization and infects computers.
      * Messages from spyware applications inside the organization are
        intercepted before they can reach the Internet and the spyware writer's
        web site.
     Spyware Protection can be easily enabled or disabled from Astaro's
 WebAdmin interface.
     Availability & Pricing
     Astaro's Spyware Protection is available immediately on Astaro Security
 Gateway appliances, and as part of Astaro Security Linux V5.2 software, which
 can be installed on Intel-compatible computers.
     Current customers: Spyware Protection will be included as part of the
 Astaro Secure Web subscription.  Existing customers who have a Surf Protection
 or Astaro Secure Web subscription will receive Spyware Protection at no extra
 cost with the V5.2 Up2Date.
     New customers: The Secure Web Subscription, which includes Surf Protection
 (URL filtering), Virus Protection for the Web (blocks viruses in web-based
 email like Hotmail and in file downloads), and now Spyware Protection, starts
 at $280 for one year on an Astaro Security Gateway 110 appliance, or $345 for
 one year for 10 users as part of the Astaro Security Linux software that runs
 on standard Intel servers.
     Astaro's Software
     Astaro provides an integrated, easy-to-use network security package that
 combines best of breed:
      * Firewall -- with stateful packet inspection and application proxies
        guards Internet communications traffic in and out of the organization.
      * Virtual Private Network (VPN) gateway -- assures secure communications
        with remote offices, "road warriors," and telecommuters.
      * Virus Protection -- defends computers from both email and web-borne
      * Intrusion Protection -- detects and stops hostile probes and
        application-based attacks.
      * Spam Protection -- eliminates the productivity drain of opening and
        deleting unsolicited emails.
      * Surf Protection (Content Filtering) -- improves productivity by
        blocking inappropriate activities on the web.
      * Spyware Protection -- detects and blocks spyware infection attempts as
        well as spyware communication from already infected systems.
     About Astaro --
     Astaro develops a complete line of network security products including the
 Astaro Security Gateway line of security appliances and Astaro Security Linux,
 a software-based solution.  All Astaro products offer six critical security
 applications -- firewall, VPN gateway, anti-virus, intrusion protection, spam
 filtering and content filtering -- fully integrated on a single management
     The company is headquartered in Burlington, Mass. and Karlsruhe, Germany.
 Astaro's software has won numerous industry awards, and is protecting over
 20,000 networks in 60 countries, including such organizations as Blue
 Cross/Blue Shield, Los Alamos National Labs, Stanford University and Watsco,
 Inc.  Astaro products are distributed by a worldwide network of
 350 solutions partners who offer local support and services.
      * John Girard, Mark Nicolett: "Fight Spyware With Tactics, Tools and
        Technologies", Gartner, Inc., September 1, 2004

SOURCE Astaro Corporation