ASUS Draft-n Wireless LAN Solutions Guarantee 802.11n Compatibility With Firmware or Hardware Upgrades

Broadcom(R) Intensi-fi(TM) Technology Provides Significantly Enhanced

Wireless Performance and Widespread Compatibility With Other Wi-Fi(R)


Oct 03, 2006, 01:00 ET from ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

    FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS)
 today announced the 802.11n upgrade guarantee program for its draft-n
 wireless solutions, the WL-500W Super Speed N wireless router and WL-100W
 Super Speed N wireless adapter. With countless draft-n products in the
 market ASUS is the first wireless vendor to announce an upgrade program to
 guarantee compatibility with the future 802.11n standard, whether in the
 form of firmware or hardware updates.
     "The WL-500W and WL-100W, powered by Intensi-fi technology from
 Broadcom, achieve data transfer speeds higher than 100Mbps, making it
 suitable for multimedia streams to all corners of the your home," said
 Hektor Tung, Director of Product Marketing for ASUSTek Wireless LAN BU.
 "With the 802.11n upgrade program, the two ASUS draft-n products guarantee
 future 802.11n compatibility and give users peace of mind when purchasing
 draft-n solutions."
     The WL-500W router and WL-100W adapter feature Broadcom(R)
 Intensi-fi(TM) technology, which complies with the latest draft-n
 specification to provide new levels of wireless performance and range. The
 leading brands of Wi-Fi(R) products use Intensi-fi chips, enabling
 high-speed, reliable exchange of video, voice, music and data between PCs,
 networking gear and consumer electronics. Intensi-fi also offers broad
 compatibility with existing 802.11a/b/g devices, as well as various brands
 of draft-n products.
     "Draft-n products are rapidly proliferating into the mainstream market
 as consumers demand more from their wireless networks," said Rahul Patel,
 Director of Marketing for Broadcom's WLAN Business Unit. "While we
 attribute much of this customer confidence to the maturity of the current
 draft-n specification, we applaud ASUS for going one step further to
 guarantee future compatibility. ASUS customers can enjoy the performance
 benefits of Intensi-fi products today, with the peace of mind that they
 will be upgradeable to the future standard."
     What products are qualified for 802.11n upgrade guarantee program?
     - WL-500W Super Speed N multifunctional wireless router
     - WL-100W Super Speed N wireless card
     This program will cover the units purchased before December 31st, 2006.
     When will upgrade program begin?
     Upgrade program will begin as soon as the 802.11n standard is ratified
 and will continue for three months. Warranty will not be renewed. (ASUS
 will make a formal announcement when this begins.)
     How to upgrade?
     If firmware upgrade is required, the latest firmware will be made
 available on the company's website for free downloads. If hardware upgrades
 are required, users can return the units to ASUS service centers. ASUS is
 only responsible for the cost of shipping the upgraded products back to
 users. Detailed service center locations will be included in the formal
     WL-500W Super Speed N multifunctional wireless router
     The ASUS WL-500W Super Speed N multifunctional wireless router uses the
 latest 802.11n draft technology to deliver high-speed data transfer and
 unparalleled interoperability between n-draft devices. It also incorporates
 ASUS' innovative Download Master and USB Plug-n'-Share features for
 convenient digital content downloads and sharing of printer, webcam and
 external hard drive functions.
     WL-100W Super Speed N wireless adaptor
     To experience the fastest speed possible, the client side must support
 n-draft as well. The WL-100W is also fully compatible with legacy 802.11b
 and g standards, allowing users to experience the latest wireless
 innovations without turning previous home network investments obsolete.
     As the 802.11n standards process continues to evolve, draft-n products
 are expected to be upgradeable, but most wireless vendors are unwilling to
 provide such a guarantee. ASUS' upgrade program is created to give wireless
 users peace of mind. It doesn't matter when 802.11n will be ready, the ASUS
 WL-500W and WL-100W are ready for the next phase of wireless technology.
     For more information on the upgrade program and the two draft-n
 solutions, please visit the company homepage at
     About ASUS
     Ranks in Business Week InfoTech 100 for the 9th straight year, ASUSTeK
 Computer Inc. is a leading provider of 3C total solutions. Its product
 portfolio includes notebooks, motherboards, graphics cards, optical drives,
 information appliances, desktop PCs, servers, wireless solutions, mobile
 phones and networking devices. With strong engineering capability, ASUSTeK
 won 1706 awards in 2005, translating to more than 4 awards per day. The
 company is the perennial leader of the motherboard and graphics card
 industries and a top 4 maker globally for notebooks.
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     ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
     David Ray
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