ATK to Feature Its Products and Capabilities at the AUSA 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition

Sep 26, 2011, 08:00 ET from ATK

ARLINGTON, Va., Sept. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ATK (NYSE: ATK) announced that it will participate as an exhibitor at the AUSA 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington, D.C.  ATK will highlight a variety of capabilities and programs at the show, which will be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center from October 10-12, 2011. ATK is located in Booth 803 in Hall A.

AUSA provides ATK an opportunity to highlight its growing capabilities in several business areas, including its affordable precision approach that combines GPS guidance and fuzing into one package, transforming conventional 155mm artillery projectiles and 120mm mortar cartridges into precision munitions.  ATK's booth will include its Eagle Industries and BLACKHAWK! brand tactical gear and apparel, as well as ATK's portfolio of fuzes, warheads and tactical propulsion systems, including "Soldier Safe" insensitive munition (IM) solutions for currently-fielded systems.

ATK will also feature its game-changing XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement (CDTE) system, a shoulder-fired weapon that uses 25mm airbursting ammunition. The weapon provided soldiers with battlefield overmatch against the enemy during U.S. Army forward operational assessments in Afghanistan and is currently in the Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) phase.

Visitors will learn about ATK's role as the premier resource for standard small-caliber ammunition and the trusted partner for worldwide supply chain expertise of non-NATO ammunition.  ATK, as the operator of the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, is the Department of Defense's primary source for small-caliber ammunition –  including the new 5.56mm Enhanced Performance Round that can pierce steel and perform like a 7.62mm cartridge – and brings expertise, commitment and performance to the facility. In addition to standard-issue rounds, ATK will spotlight its Federal Premium and Speer lines of specialty ammunition, including long-range precision rifle; barrier defeating; non-toxic; short barrel carbine; and law enforcement high-performance handgun service ammunition.

ATK is the prime contractor for the development of the Joint and Allied Threat Awareness System (JATAS), a next-generation warning system designed to enhance rotary and fixed-wing aircraft survivability against man-portable air defense systems, small-caliber weapons and rocket-propelled grenades.  ATK's AAR 47 missile warning system currently provides protection to many U.S. and allied aircrews deployed in combat operations.  The company's recent hostile fire indication (HFI) upgrade to the AAR-47 system provides enhanced protection through the detection of smaller-caliber weapon fire and rocket-propelled grenades.  ATK is the first company to develop and deliver HFI as part of a proven missile warning system.  ATK is also developing a precision offensive capability for fixed and rotary-wing aircraft platforms called Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket (GATR).  GATR is a laser-guided 70mm precision system that delivers extreme accuracy against both stationary and moving targets.

ATK will also showcase its expanded explosives offerings, including military-grade TNT, resulting from a new international distribution agreement with the Polish chemical manufacturer Nitro-Chem.

Visitors will see ATK's family of legacy and next-generation medium caliber Bushmaster® and automatic chain guns, ammunition, and integrated weapon systems.

Potential customers may also obtain information on ATK's portfolio of weaponized special mission aircraft, which provide affordable, responsive and advanced capabilities to customer-preferred platforms.  ATK's expertise includes outfitting various aircraft – including Cessna Caravans, Lockheed Martin C-130s, Bombardier Dash-8s, Hawker Beechcraft King Airs and others – with integrated ISR capabilities, fire control equipment and air-to-ground capability for conducting responsive defense, counterinsurgency, and border surveillance and security missions. This includes ATK's light gunship capability package, which integrates intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) sensors, fire control equipment, air-to-ground missiles and rockets, as well as the ATK M230LF, a link-fed LW30mm gun system.

Media interested in more information about ATK can visit the ATK stand or contact ATK's on-site media representative: Bryce Hallowell (612-554-6026).  An online media kit is available at .

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