ATS Boosts Bottom Line for Manufacturers: Increases Machine Uptime, Adds Capacity and Supplies Skilled Staff

Advanced Technology Services Outlines Production Equipment Maintenance

Strategies to Reduce Cost and Improve Manufacturing Productivity in Guide

Nov 09, 2004, 00:00 ET from Advanced Technology Services, Inc.

    PEORIA, Ill., Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Technology Services, Inc.,
 (ATS), lays out a blueprint for leading manufacturers to realize benefits,
 cost savings and new efficiencies in their plants in "The Guide to Successful
 Factory Maintenance -- Is Outsourcing Right For You?"  ATS is the industry
 leader in managed services for production equipment maintenance, IT
 infrastructure support and industrial parts repair for manufacturers. Their
 Guide enumerates key strategies employed by ATS that have shown a 30 percent
 return to its customers.
     "Plant management today faces a myriad of challenges in developing and
 executing strategies for successfully maintaining production equipment. As
 plants implement advanced manufacturing practices such as "lean" and "just in
 time" manufacturing, machines must be ready to run when production needs
 them," said Dick Blaudow, CEO of ATS.  "By outsourcing their production
 machine maintenance, companies can meet those challenges head on and achieve
 better asset utilization, improved productivity, reduced costs, and improved
     Outsourcing the maintenance on production equipment provides immediate and
 long-term benefits to manufacturers, specifically:
        * Management can focus on core business issues. With equipment
        maintenance (which is generally considered non-core) in the hands of
        professionals, management can apply necessary resources to other hot
        spots in the organization.
        * Provides skilled factory staff.  The National Association of
        Manufacturing reports a looming crisis for a qualified, skilled
        employment base that a professional maintenance organization provides.
        * Reduced production costs, maintenance of efficiencies. When
        maintenance is performing well, costs are reduced and overtime
        (production and maintenance) goes down because machines are available
        and running when needed.
        * Prepared for recovery. When business rebounds, plants need effective
        maintenance systems in place. Without them, maintenance will be
        woefully inadequate to handle the demands of increased production.
        Prepared plants gain market share on the upswing.
        * Ability to overcome internal resource limitations. Tapping into a
        professional maintenance organization alleviates a dependency on
        limited internal resources, providing "big plant" experience,
        procedures and reporting capabilities without the high costs
        associated with that level of expertise.
     "Maintenance personnel get called many names around a plant -- fix-it
 guys, fire-fighters, technical wizards -- but they aren't often described as
 strategic partners. This is changing as more and more top executives insist on
 a workable maintenance strategy that is aligned with overall corporate
 strategy," said ATS President Jeffrey Owens. "Vague objectives, such as 'we
 will increase the effectiveness of the maintenance department,' are not
 achievable unless accurate and realistic measures are paired up with
 measurable improvement goals."
     ATS has executed the points in The Guide for a variety of Fortune 200
 customers who have realized better metrics in production hours, parts
 spending, machine uptime, cycle time, capacity and ultimately profitability.
     For more information or to request a copy of "The Guide to Successful
 Factory Maintenance -- Is Outsourcing Right For You?" visit: or call #800-328-7287.
     About ATS:
     ATS makes factories run better. Advanced Technology Services, Inc.
 (ATS)improves productivity and profitability for many of the world's
 mostrespected manufacturers through the managed services of production
 equipment maintenance, information technology and spare parts repair. Founded
 in 1985, ATS employs 1,200 people across the US and is a member of the
 National Association of Manufacturers. For more information, visit the ATS Web
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