AutoAlert® Inc. Receives 3rd and 4th Patents for Revolutionary Solution That Helps Auto Dealers Sell More Cars and Services to Existing Customers

Unique solution finds 'Red Apple' sales opportunities to increase vehicle sales, better source in-demand trades, boost retention and drive service and parts sales.

Oct 31, 2011, 08:00 ET from AutoAlert, Inc.

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- AutoAlert,® Inc., the innovator in providing data analytic and lead-generation solutions to auto dealers, said today it had received formal "notification of allowance" for two new U.S. patents. AutoAlert enables auto dealers to uniquely create highly viable sales opportunities and sell more vehicles with higher gross profit; bring in late model trade-ins; sell additional warranties and services to their existing customers, while improving customer retention and loyalty.


These third and fourth patents follow on Patent Number 8,005,752 issued Aug. 15, 2011 and Patent Number 7,827,099 issued Dec. 10, 2010. Each patent addresses extended functionality of the AutoAlert solution. Jeff Cotton, co-founder of AutoAlert® said additional patent applications are in process to ensure that the solution's unique capabilities are commercially protected.

The AutoAlert solution identifies the automotive dealership's existing customers whose vehicles and vehicle histories make those owners hot prospects for additional sales opportunities. It identifies customers whose vehicles fit certain sales criteria – equity position and mileage, lease termination and/or mileage, and market demand for trade-in offers, among other metrics.

"Today's new normal is about keeping the customer you already have, since the retail auto industry is characterized by lackluster sales growth, a scarcity of late model used vehicles, and rising customer expectations. AutoAlert® is a powerful retention tool that helps to insure longer lasting customer relationships that will convert to sustainable and repeatable sales opportunities.

Dealers credit the patented AutoAlert solution for helping them "create a dealership within a dealership." "It does so by helping them identify and then sell up to several hundred extra units a month -- from existing customers alone," said Boyd H. Warner, AutoAlert®'s president and CEO.

Founded in 2002, AutoAlert was the first company to offer dealership and enterprise business-intelligence software, support and training of its kind. More than 1,100 dealerships today have utilized the AutoAlert solution to be more competitive, improve their all-important customer retention, and help sales associates excel.

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