Avature Announces the Release of Recruiting CRM(TM)

Avature launches the first ever CRM solution constructed specifically for

Recruiters. The product leverages Avature's proprietary Web 2.0 framework,

and is designed for advanced relationship management, interactivity with

social networks, and real time recruiter collaboration.

Sep 15, 2008, 01:00 ET from Avature

    NEW YORK, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Avature, a leading provider of
 recruiting services, announced that its new product, Recruiting CRM has
 moved out of Beta and is available to companies seeking to boost their
 recruiting ability by taking advantage of the social network phenomenon at
 a global scale. Built on Avature's proprietary Web 2.0 framework, the
 application is the only enterprise CRM designed specifically for recruiting
 purposes. Recruiting CRM brings several advanced sales and contact
 management features to the recruiting software marketplace. The Beta
 version was released in June, 2008 at the International Association for
 Human Resources Information Management (IHRIM) conference and was put
 through its paces at a Fortune 500 company prior to the version 1.0
     Recruiting CRM brings Internet spidering, e-mail threading, SMS
 communication, tagging and tag clouds, Boolean and Custom Operators, Live
 Search, and other advanced Web 2.0 features to the talent acquisition
 software solution space. The user interface is highly customizable,
 including an optional OFCCP compliance module, multiple language
 configuration, and intelligent parsing algorithms that can learn any
 language and adjust to international resume formats and styles. Recruiting
 CRM's analytics dashboard brings critical recruiting metrics into real-time
 view, making management of sourcing teams, recruiters and recruiting
 managers easier and more effective than ever before. The system is ideal
 for deployment in front of existing ERP solutions or Applicant Tracking
 Systems (ATS) and is HR-XML compliant, simplifying integration with legacy
 HR systems.
     "Recruiters need to build, organize, and regularly communicate with a
 much larger network of people in order to respond faster to the talent
 needs of the enterprise. Current recruiting and HR systems don't provide
 the functionality required to manage that type of process in a meaningful
 way," said CEO Dimitri Boylan. "At Avature we've harnessed recent Web 2.0
 technologies to create a completely different user experience for the busy
 recruiter or sourcing professional. Blistering speed, less data entry, the
 ability to organize candidates the way you want to, tools to efficiently
 and regularly communicate with prospects, and real time dashboards are the
 keys to high productivity for recruiters and managers. One button resume
 upload from the Internet, online spreadsheet views of data, and dynamic
 talent pipelines let recruiters get 'in the zone,' and stay there."
     Recruiting CRM makes building and managing relationships with talented
 people effortless. Locally to globally, recruiting operations can now
 manage critical online and offline sourcing activities and talent pipeline
 development with an eye on performance and return on effort (ROE). In the
 "war for talent," Avature's Recruiting CRM delivers a competitive advantage
 over stand alone sourcing tools and traditional ATS systems.
     Delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), Recruiting CRM can be
 purchased as a monthly subscription service.
     About Avature
     Avature was founded in 2004 by Dimitri Boylan, the former co-founder
 and CEO of HotJobs.com. Avature is a global recruiting services company
 that provides research and sourcing services and human capital management
 software. Headquartered in New York City, Avature has offices in the US,
 Europe and Latin America. Information on Avature can be found at

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