Avian Flu Threat Prompts Nanobiotech Firms To Step Up Vaccine, Detection Device Development

Oct 12, 2005, 01:00 ET from NanoBiotech News

    ATLANTA, Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Nanobiotechnology companies are
 developing a vaccine that could prevent and treat Avian influenza infection as
 well as a device for on-the-spot detection.
     NanoBiotech News (www.nanobiotechnews.com), a weekly insider news service
 on the development of nanomedicines and devices, today reports on two
 companies pioneering the development of health care products that could help
 mute the spread of the potential bird flu pandemic.
     NanoViricides, Inc. is working to rapidly modify an influenza drug,
 FluCide-I, already in development, against the Avian flu. The company has
 developed a nanomaterial that contains an encapsulated active pharmaceutical
 ingredient which is targeted to Avian flu like a guided missile.
     The Avian flu so far has been found typically in poultry in Asia. However,
 the continued increase in outbreaks has led to mounting global alarm for a
 potential pandemic influenza outbreak among humans. The World Health
 Organization has already reported 117 confirmed human cases of Avian flu and
 60 deaths in Asia.
     To help find and then halt the source of the disease, Advance Nanotech,
 Inc., a venture capital firm in New York, is financing the development of a
 nanoarray biosensor in the U.K. that could provide inexpensive early detection
 of Avian influenza. The technology would yield test results in minutes and
 eliminate the need to send samples to laboratories.
     "While these cutting-edge technologies may not be ready for a potential
 flu outbreak tomorrow, the researchers behind nanobiotechnology are thinking
 way outside the box to develop health care products that will have much more
 dramatic results than the medicines and diagnostic tests we're using today,"
 says Lynn Yoffee, associate publisher, NanoBiotech News.
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