avVaa World Health Care Products Reports Promising Research Findings for New Products Under Development

Jul 10, 2006, 01:00 ET from avVaa World Health Care Products, Inc.

    LUMBY, B.C., July 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- avVaa World Health Care
 Products, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board:   AVVW), a biotech company offering
 therapeutic skin and health care products to customers worldwide, is
 pleased to announce positive findings from a number of scientific studies
 leading the way to avVaa's next generation of NeuroSkin(TM) products.
     avVaa Vice President of Research and Development, Dr. Mark Alden,
 recently presented data from the first clinical trail demonstrating the
 efficacy of patented nanoparticle silicic acid, the backbone of avVaa's
 next generation of NeuroSkin products at the plenary session of the New
 Jersey Technology Council Conference at Princeton University.
     At the presentation, Dr. Alden explained the vital role that silicon
 plays (in its biologically active amorphous form) in skin health and
 resilience (collagen formation, moisture retention, wound healing, among
 others). The conference, aimed at commercializing nanotechnology in the
 life sciences, hosted speakers from around the world. Interested parties
 may download a copy of the presentation materials at:
 http://www.otcfn.com/avvw or http://www.avvaa.com.
     The study, soon to be published, was conducted in Munich, Germany on
 patients suffering from eczema -- for many, a lifelong affliction. Testing
 both the mild and forte formulations, the study results were very positive.
     After just four weeks' use of NeuroSkin, researchers noted a 59%
 decrease in symptoms of erythema, a 70% reduction in skin scaling, a 63%
 improvement in infiltration, and a 45% reduction in itching. No adverse
 reactions were reported, and the products were well tolerated by the
 patients studied: 100% considered the mild version pleasing, and 94% the
 forte version (scent and irritation). Dr. Alden considered these results
 "remarkable," and "ground breaking," for a product with no toxicity.
     Two other studies using nanoparticle silicon were presented at the 42nd
 National Dermatology Congress, in Rimini, Italy. One, conducted by C.
 Rigoni, et. al. on children with eczema, and the other by S. Chimenti, et.
 al. on adults with Psoriasis, showed strikingly similar results. The
 percentage of patients experiencing greater than 50% reduction in symptoms
 was 85% and 71% in the two studies, respectively. Ninety percent reported
 an improvement in the quality of life index.
     Unlike virtually all commonly prescribed treatments for eczema
 (including steroids, UV light, coal tar, or chemotherapy), avVaa' NeuroSkin
 formulation does not require treatment breaks or limited use, since there
 are no known ill effects or toxicities. NeuroSkin contains silicic acid, a
 silicon-containing molecule found to be safe for topical application,
 backed by years of research.
     Alden continued, "The incidence of common skin ailments is growing
 worldwide. Yet, for the millions of people suffering from eczema and
 psoriasis, no cure is in sight. The only current palliative treatments
 available come with a risk of adverse effects, and their use must be
 limited. avVaa World Health Care Products, using a patented process that
 refines silica to nanoparticle size, provides a non-toxic solution for
 patients suffering from this growing health problem.
     "The results of these studies conducted around the world, together with
 ongoing trials, support our current line, and lead the way to new products
 under development -- including new applications and next generation
 formulations of NeuroSkin, which we are very excited about."
     avVaa CEO and Director Jack Farley said, "We are encouraged by recent
 study findings on our newest product lines. Well-researched, controlled
 scientific studies as to efficacy and safety lend substantial credibility
 in the marketplace and we look forward to full introduction of these unique
 skin care products that will meet avVaa's strictest standards for
 non-toxic, therapeutic skin care products to improve quality of life and
 well being for consumers worldwide."
     About avVaa World Health Care Products
     avVaa World Health Care Products is a global biotechnology company that
 specializes in effective, non-toxic, therapeutic skin care products that
 improve quality of life and well being for consumers.
     The Company's patented European skin care formulas are scientifically
 registered, FDA-Compliant, and were developed to relieve and treat the
 symptoms of common skin ailments, including: eczema, psoriasis and acne.
 Many avVaa products are already available for over-the-counter purchase at:
     avVaa is poised to manufacture and market its OTC NeuroSkin(TM) line of
 skin care products through mass, food and drug channels in the United
 States and globally. The Company's secondary line of equine and pet care
 related products are already being distributed throughout all of Canada and
 parts of the United States. For more information, visit:
 http://www.avvaa.com or http://www.otcfn.com/avvw.
     Contact: Merle Goertz (West Coast) of avVaa World Health Care Products,
 1- 604-688-2349 or Rick McCaffrey at OTC Financial Network, Investor
 Relations, 781-444-6100 x625.
     Safe Harbor: Statements contained in this press release that are not
 based upon current or historical fact are forward looking in nature. Such
 forward- looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, which
 could cause actual results to differ materially from estimated results.
 Management cautions that all statements as to future results of operations
 are necessarily subject to risks, uncertainties, and events that may be
 beyond the control of avVaa World Health Care Products, Inc. and no
 assurance can be given that such results will be achieved. Potential risks
 and uncertainties include but are not limited to the ability to procure,
 properly price, retain, and successfully complete projects, the
 availability of technical personnel, changes in technology, and

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