Azaleos Unveils Messaging Virtualization Solution in Technology Preview

New Software as a Service (SaaS) functionality expands industry leading

Microsoft Exchange on-premise e-mail solution

Sep 10, 2007, 01:00 ET from Azaleos Corporation

    SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- VMworld Conference --
 Azaleos(R) Corporation (, leading provider of turnkey,
 on-premises, managed end to end messaging solutions for Microsoft Exchange
 environments, today showcased a technology preview of its upcoming
 Microsoft Exchange 2007 managed virtual appliance, a new extension of the
 Azaleos OneServer product line. The new Azaleos virtualization
 functionality for its OneServer messaging appliance will expand Azaleos'
 set of managed solutions into the virtual world, delivering highly
 available solutions with lower physical server costs. No other company
 currently offers managed infrastructure solutions that deliver mission
 critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange with integrated,
 best-of-breed monitoring, archiving, disaster recovery, business continuity
 with remote management, and high availability within a virtualized
     Azaleos, a leader in Exchange solutions with over 40,000 e-mail seats
 under management, is seeing its customers starting to examine ways to lower
 costs by setting virtualization targets for 2008, with some IT
 organizations setting targets as high as 30 to 100% of their server
 infrastructure. With the advances in virtualization capabilities this last
 year, products that don't use all of the resources of the physical server
 such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint, and BlackBerry Enterprise
 Servers, and yet often require deployment of different servers and server
 roles, are ripe for virtualization as a standalone project or as part of a
 server consolidation. Helping enterprises of all sizes achieve significant
 savings on their hardware infrastructure and server management is a
 significant benefit of the new Azaleos offering being demonstrated this
 week in the Key Information Systems booth at the VMworld Conference.
     "Customers continue to tell us that they want to get the most
 performance and flexibility out of their server hardware in order to
 maximize their server investment," said Keith McCall, Azaleos CTO,
 "Azaleos' virtualization of OneServer will enable customers to increase
 physical server utilization, reduce costs and create an agile and dynamic
 e-mail solution. It's all part of Azaleos' ongoing effort to provide the
 best possible on-premise managed end to end messaging solutions for our
     Companies can reduce server and storage hardware costs and improve
 availability through virtualization. Given the momentum behind
 virtualization in general and specifically behind customer enthusiasm
 around virtualization functionality, it was a natural next step for Azaleos
 to focus on a simple way for customers to leverage their investments in
 VMWare(R) technology as part of a broader push towards radically
 simplifying their overall IT management efforts. Now, with Azaleos
 OneServer available on the VMWare platform, IT groups will have more time
 to devote to strategic solutions that increase business value and rely on
 Azaleos-managed Microsoft Exchange and other IT infrastructure applications
 as an on-premise utility via Azaleos OneStop services. Through industry and
 Azaleos innovation, the barriers that used to exist around being able to
 virtualize an Exchange Server environment have been removed and customers
 can now adopt and quickly realize the benefits of server virtualization for
 their e-mail environments.
     Virtualization allows Azaleos to provide a low-cost, highly available
 virtual infrastructure for Microsoft Exchange 2007, which would normally
 require four physical servers just for the three primary server roles, on
 only two physical servers and one physical storage device. This
 functionality reduces costs, improves availability and reliability, and
 delivers the Azaleos OneServer solution for the first time completely
 virtualized, reducing time- to-implementation while at the same time
 delivering highly available Microsoft Exchange 2007.
     "We have already recognized significant benefits from our investment in
 the Azaleos OneServer solution," said Peter Henley, IT Director of Clark
 Nuber CPA's. "Now with the Azaleos virtualization solution just around the
 corner we are eager to expand our relationship. We're confident that the
 Azaleos model will allow us to leverage virtualization in the same way it
 has our messaging systems; by decreasing cost, complexity, time to project
 completion and maintenance."
     Although Microsoft has not currently endorsed 64-bit virtualization,
 Azaleos, will support VMware for virtualized Microsoft Exchange 2007 by
 maintaining a complete staging server virtualized version of its standard
 Microsoft Exchange environment alongside the production physical appliance
 infrastructure. This configuration will allow it to support rapid
 deployment of patches and updates into the managed virtual appliance.
 Azaleos is making a long-term commitment to insure that both VMware and
 Microsoft virtualization technologies will be supported for customers. Once
 a 64-bit version of Microsoft Viridian that supports 64-bit guests is
 available from Microsoft, the OneServer virtualization functionality will
 be extended to encompass both Microsoft and VMware platforms.
     Key new features of the Azaleos messaging virtualization solution
 unveiled today include:
      -- Extremely Rapid Deployment of Microsoft Exchange 2007 in a virtual
         VMware environment
      -- Clustered, Highly Available Exchange 2007 Server mailbox, client
         access, and hub transport roles available for deployment on two
         physical servers, supporting virtual VMware environments on IBM,
         HP or Dell server hardware
      -- Azaleos ViewXchange Monitoring and SecureXchange Remote Management
         support for both host (physical) and guest (virtual) environments
      -- Azaleos ArchiveXchange support for archiving content from the Exchange
         2007 mailbox server
     Customers interested in details and additional information relating to
 OneServer with new virtualization functionality can contact Azaleos
 directly at
     About Azaleos
     Azaleos provides the only enterprise-class managed messaging solutions
 that combine a turnkey on-premise solution with 24x7 remote management and
 maintenance, ensuring high reliability, availability and performance for
 our customers' Microsoft Exchange environments.
     Azaleos OneServer and OneStop Services offer unmatched uptime,
 proactive monitoring by Exchange experts, patch management, system fixes
 and reporting. With Azaleos, the Exchange environment remains in the
 customer's network and messaging just works, enabling IT staff to focus on
 new initiatives that help grow the business. A standardized, scalable
 solution, Azaleos managed e-mail solutions can be installed and running in
 less than a day.
     Redmond, WA-based Azaleos Corporation, founded by Exchange experts in
 2004, is led by senior executives from leading technology companies such as
 Microsoft, IBM and Lotus. Azaleos is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and
     serves a broad range of customers, including K2 Sports, Zumiez,
 Coinstar, Clark Nuber, Golf Savings Bank, Compass Health and Chiquita
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