B2B ITS Corp Releases .FIXantenna(TM) Engine As Open Source

Jan 10, 2001, 00:00 ET from B2B ITS Corp.

    STAMFORD, Conn., Jan. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- B2B ITS Corp. has released
 .FIXantenna(TM) Engine -- the first open source FIX Engine, offered under
 Apache-style license. This event propels FIX, a message protocol used to
 communicate securities transactions among financial institutions, as an open
 industry standard by giving it open reference implementation.  It is now
 available for download at http://fix.btobits.com.
     B2B ITS Corp's .FIXantenna(TM) Engine release coincides with the launch of
 its .FIXantenna(TM), a suite of FIX protocol related products for the
 financial services industry.  In addition to the FIX Engine, .FIXantenna(TM)
 includes additional external CORBA services and a FIX Message Browser. These
 software tools are 100% Java and have unique features which make them highly
 flexible and universal. Designed with Internet usage in mind, .FIXantenna(TM)
 products can be used beyond the traditional functions of FIX and can be
 applied in online trading.  .FIXantenna(TM) is the first portal that provides
 users with a wide range of testing possibilities.  A UML schema of FIX
 sessions is also available for download.
     Alexander Mologoko, CTO of B2B ITS Corp., explains the company's decision
 to release .FIXantenna(TM) Engine as open source. "We stand for an open source
 approach and believe that our company's profit will come from selling our
 services and expertise, not from selling the product itself.  Furthermore, an
 open source FIX Engine will have positive effects on the efforts to further
 standardize FIX specification and help catapult its use on the Internet in
 light weight trading applications."
     The intuitive .FIXantenna(TM) Engine easily integrates with legacy
 financial systems, making the systems FIX-enabled. It has component
 architecture based on CORBA, allowing for integration with non-Java
 applications, and making it possible to build any number of configurations to
 fulfill customer and company needs. .FIXantenna(TM) Engine implements FIX
 v.4.2 protocol.
     About B2B ITS Corp.
     Based in Stamford, Connecticut, B2B Information Technology Services
 Corporation is a team of IT professionals experienced in rapid software
 development and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). The company focuses
 on the needs of the financial services industry, developing innovative
 products using Java and XML technologies, with an emphasis on service and
 specialized integration.  Products launched include InstantWAP(TM), a WAP
 browser emulator applet and W3XMLTOOLS(TM), a set of tools intended to support
 Java XML development.
     After only a year in business, B2B ITS Corp's clientele includes Schwab
 Capital Markets, Lucent Technologies, and Sterling Management Consulting.  B2B
 ITS Corp is an IBM PartnerWorld Developer and a member of the Sun Developer
 Connection Program.