BABYNAMES.COM Announces the Top Names for the New Millennium

Dec 20, 1999, 00:00 ET from BABYNAMES.COM

    LOS ANGELES, Dec. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The polls are in:  Millie is the
 hottest name of the new year.  According to a poll conducted by BABYNAMES.COM,
 over 18% of poll responses favored Millie or one of its variants as the name
 of choice to honor the new millennium.  "Every new year, we see a shift in
 naming trends for babies.  Not surprisingly, variations of the millennium
 theme are currently at the top of the heap," states Jennifer Moss, CEO and
 co-founder of BABYNAMES.COM.
     Preferred variations included "Millie (ranked #1), Milly (ranked #2),
 Millicent (ranked #4), and Millenia (#6).  For boys, Miles reigned supreme.
 "We saw a delightful selections of names suggested from our over 1300 poll
 participants," adds co-founder Mallory Lubofsky.  "Ethereal names were very
 popular suggestions, including Hope, Star, Destiny, and Faith.  My personal
 favorites, however, were the more unusual names such as Y2kayla, Tookay, and
     The survey was conducted over a two-week period at BABYNAMES.COM web site,
 the users of which are predominantly parents-to-be.  Other results from the
 survey included Madison topping the polls in the Favorite Girl's Name category
 as well as the Trendy in 2000 category.  Ashley and Michael were considered
 the top Too Popular names and the two Least Favorite names were overwhelmingly
 John and Jennifer.
     The results from the BABYNAMES.COM poll mirror current naming trends in
 society, according to Cleveland Kent Evans, name expert and author of "Unusual
 & Most Popular Baby Names."  "There is a continued trend of the past 30 years
 where parents all around the world are continually searching for
 'different-but-not-too-different' names for their kids.  As more people are
 trying to avoid the most popular names in their own countries, the percentage
 of kids given the most popular names will continue to decrease and the
 popularity list will change more rapidly."
     BABYNAMES.COM is a product entirely created, owned and operated by Moss
 Mallory Interactive, LLC.  Launched in April of 1996, BABYNAMES.COM has been
 named one of the top parenting sites on the Internet by FamilyPC magazine and
 has recently won the 1999 Webaward Standard of Excellence.
     For more information on names for the new millennium, visit the site: