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    LOS ANGELES, Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- In the first time for over a decade,
 the most popular name of the year for boys is not a traditional Biblical name.
     According to new and expecting parents who visit the website, Aidan, Jayden and Caden are the top three most popular boys'
 names for 2003.  Meanwhile, the mermaid-inspired Madison still holds steady at
 number one for most popular girls' names. compiles an annual list of the Top 20 most popular baby
 names from over 100,000 expecting parents' favorite name lists that create on
 the site.  The site hosts more than one million unique visitors a month from
 all over the world, with approximately 88% of the users from the U.S.
     Jennifer Moss, Senior Partner of is surprised at this turn
 of events for naming male offspring.  "Traditionally, you see more of a
 fluctuation and creativity in girls' names, but this is the first year we have
 seen such a big change in the boys' name list."
     "In the past 20 years, Celtic and English names -- such as Ashley, Caitlyn
 and Brianna -- have been extremely popular for girls," adds Moss.  "And now
 that trend is entering the boys' list with Aidan, Dylan, Logan and Connor -- a
 huge break from the usual trend of Biblical names like Michael and Jacob.  We
 think as names become uni-gender for girls, parents are taking more risks and
 being more creative and unique with naming their boys."
     Top 20 names of 2003:
      RANK      BOYS                     GIRLS
      1         AIDAN / AIDEN / ADEN     MADISON
      2         JADEN / JAYDEN           EMMA
      3         CADEN / KADEN            ABIGAIL
      4         ETHAN                    RILEY
      5         CALEB                    CHLOE
      6         DYLAN                    HANNAH
      7         JACOB                    ALEXIS
      8         JORDAN                   ISABELLA
      9         LOGAN                    MACKENZIE
      10        HAYDEN                   TAYLOR
      11        CONNOR                   OLIVIA
      12        RYAN                     HAILEY
      13        MORGAN                   PAIGE
      14        CAMERON                  EMILY
      15        ANDREW                   GRACE
      16        JOSHUA                   AVA
      17        NOAH                     AALIYAH
      18        MATTHEW                  ALYSSA
      19        ADDISON                  FAITH
      20        ASHTON                   BRIANNA
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