Back-to-School Lice Infestations in Top U.S. Cities Present Billion Dollar Coast-to-Coast Business Opportunity

LA Entrepreneur Picks Nits at 'Hair Fairies' (

Salons, San Diego Opens, November, 2008

Sep 16, 2008, 01:00 ET from Hair Fairies

    LOS ANGELES, Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- As school swings into full gear
 and classrooms fill this Fall, 6-12 million children -- in America's best
 neighborhoods -- will come down with a case of head lice. In the midst of
 the "super louse" problem, parents will spend $57 million on potions
 intended to rid their kiddies' heads of the defiant pests and LA
 entrepreneur, Maria Botham, will grow her burgeoning lice salon concept,
 called Hair Fairies (, into San Diego in
 November, 2008. If her plans for this 5th location in Carmel Valley follow
 suit of her salons in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco and
 Chicago, it'll grow 300%-500% in the first year and be profitable by
 February 1st.
     Heavily laden through the annual press reportage on the back-to-school
 lice problem this Fall is the newest strain of a drug resistant "super
 louse," which has left parents and physicians scratching their heads on how
 to tackle the frustrating problem to which Botham has the answer. Now that
 every over-the-counter potion and shampoo is inactive to the winged
 buggers, Botham sees a $72 million to $14 billion dollar a year opportunity
 for her ironclad lice removal service and also anticipates expanding the
 salon to every major city in the U.S. and into Europe as well. Her Hair
 Fairies salon concept not only provides eradication and education, but a
 high tech PlayStation packed and soothing spa experience for the kids and
 80% of their parents who are traumatized by the embarrassing, but common
 and "equal opportunity plague."
     Whilst becoming the "Starbucks of lice removal," Botham's privately
 held Hair Fairies salons operate at a 30% profitability factor, and she
 invests heavily in her employees with full benefits and investment
 programs. Her salons systematically go into the black in the first 3 months
 and revenues are taking a bite out of the lion's share of opportunity this
 little pest is presenting. Other financial factors point towards Botham's
 concept exploding exponentially, such as the fact that lice is the #1
 reason for missed school days in the U.S. and schools lose funding for
 every day a child misses school.
     "We've been warned that it is only a matter of 3-4 years before the
 'super louse,' which lives on the hair follicles sucking droplets of blood
 on the scalp surface, will have outsmarted drugs and chemical treatments,"
 said Maria Botham, founder of the national chain of Hair Fairies salons.
 "The problem of the 'super louse' are bringing more and more people into
 our salons, who are realizing that it's more time and cost effective, not
 to mention relaxing, to have the problem solved by a professional. The
 demand has motivated us to expand, which we will continue to do. Lice of
 the past, present and future cannot beat our systematic, precise methods.
 We're here to stay -- and make sure that the lice don't."
     Hair Fairies (, founded in 1999, is the only
 non toxic and guaranteed solution for the #1 reason why children miss
 school in the U.S.: head lice infestation. Lice are equal opportunity
 parasites and are spread from head to head contact. The brainchild of Maria
 Botham, who develops social mission businesses, Hair Fairies salons feature
 a 3-step strand by strand process while young guests are treated to
 PlayStation and Nintendo diversions. Hair Fairies is endorsed by physicians
 and spawned the development of the Pediatric Scalp Care Specialists (PSCS).
 The nonprofit PSCS dispatches mobile treatment vans to the underserved
 areas of Los Angeles County schools. A totally unique concept, Hair Fairies
 are quickly spreading from Los Angeles, to New York, San Francisco,
 Chicago, San Diego and beyond.

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