Balanced Scorecard Collaborative Honors BMW Financial Services, Crown Castle International, and Tennessee Valley Authority with Prestigious Hall of Fame Award

Exemplary Results of These Strategy-Focused Organizations

Lauded at North American Summit

Oct 08, 2003, 01:00 ET from Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, Inc.

    NEW ORLEANS, and LINCOLN, Mass., Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Balanced Scorecard
 Collaborative, Inc. today announced it has named BMW Financial Services, Crown
 Castle International, and Tennessee Valley Authority to the Balanced Scorecard
 Hall of Fame for achieving significant performance results as Strategy-Focused
 Organizations.  The awards were presented today to officers of each
 organization at the Balanced Scorecard North American Summit being held this
 week in New Orleans.
     Balanced Scorecard Collaborative President Dr. David P. Norton said, "We
 created the Hall of Fame to publicly acknowledge the hard work and remarkable
 results of implementing the Balanced Scorecard to create the Strategy-Focused
 Organization.  The Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame pays tribute to the success
 that each organization has attained."
     Selection Criteria
     Hall of Fame winners celebrated today met the award criteria with
 breakthrough performance largely as a result of applying the five principles
 of a Strategy-Focused Organization.  The five principles are: Mobilize change
 through executive leadership; translate the strategy to operational terms;
 align the organization to the strategy; motivate to make strategy everyone's
 job; and govern to make strategy a continual process.
     Other selection criteria are: Implementing the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) as
 defined by the Kaplan/Norton methodology; presenting the case at a public
 conference; achieving media recognition for the scorecard implementation;
 producing significant financial or market share gains or accomplishing mission
 objectives; and a senior executive's testimonial linking the organization's
 results with its Balanced Scorecard.  Today's honorees were personally
 selected by Balanced Scorecard creators Drs. Robert S. Kaplan and David P.
     Hall of Fame Honorees
     BSC Hall of Fame winners each achieved success meaningful for the
 organization's particular sector or industry, relative to specific, individual
 business, or performance objectives.
     BMW Financial Services
     Established in 1992, BMW Financial Services NA, LLC supports the North and
 South American sales and marketing efforts of the BMW Group.  With more than
 $15 billion in managed assets, BMW Financial Services finances over half of
 the new BMW vehicles sold in the U.S. BMW Financial Services adopted the
 Balanced Scorecard in 1998.  They have seen the number of customer accounts
 accelerate from 175,000 in 1998 to more than 450,000 in 2002, while also
 supporting the growth in annual BMW sales from 132,000 to 232,000 vehicles
 over the same period.  This has also been achieved against improved levels of
 productivity and high levels of customer and dealer satisfaction as recognized
 by the industry benchmark surveys of J.D.Power.  Navigating with the BSC has
 enabled BMW Financial Services to steer its performance in a world class
 strategic direction.
     "The Balanced Scorecard links our objectives, initiatives, and metrics to
 our strategy while communicating our priorities to every member of our
 company," notes John Christman, CEO Americas Region, BMW Financial Services.
 "Today our BSC program includes linkages to our project approval process,
 budgeting methodology, compensation system, technology initiatives, training
 programs, and even our community involvement and charitable contribution
 efforts.  Our results have been excellent with an uninterrupted history of
 growth and a successful strategy implementation that continues today,
 consistent with the first plans established over six years ago.  Profits are
 up, return on assets is up, and assets have grown each year."
     Crown Castle International
     Crown Castle International is the world's leading independent owner and
 operator of shared wireless communications and broadcast infrastructure.
 Crown Castle engineers, deploys, owns and operates technologically advanced
 shared wireless infrastructure, including extensive networks of towers and
 rooftops as well as analog and digital radio and television broadcast
 transmission systems.  With a network of more than 15,000 broadcast and
 wireless transmission sites, Crown Castle offers near-universal analogue
 broadcast coverage in the UK and significant wireless communications coverage
 to 68 of the top 100 United States markets, to more than 95% of the UK
 population, and to more than 92% of the Australian population.  Pursuing a new
 strategy of operational excellence, Crown Castle adopted the Balanced
 Scorecard to enhance strategy execution across its distributed workforce.  The
 results have come through loud and clear.  Crown Castle's stock price has
 beaten market indexes and is up over 400% in the past 12 months.  Free cash
 flow, a critical measure for Crown Castle, is now approaching $100 million
 annually and working capital has been reduced by approximately $100 million in
 the last year.  Thanks to the BSC, Crown Castle's operating entities now enjoy
 increased, clear line-of-sight between their individual country contributions
 and the corporate strategy.
     John Kelly, President and CEO of Crown Castle notes, "The Balanced
 Scorecard management system has been catalytic to a disciplined approach at
 Crown Castle of proactively managing the business to better execute our
 strategy.  The combination of identifying critical operating objectives, then
 establishing and tracking specific measures for each objective, has translated
 strategy into action at CCI.  The Balanced Scorecard reinforces the importance
 of focused effort, and was an integral part of Crown Castle's execution of its
 operational excellence strategy with exceptional results."
     Tennessee Valley Authority
     TVA is the nation's largest public power provider. Established by Congress
 in 1933 to provide navigation, flood control, and agricultural and industrial
 development, and to promote the use of electric power in the Tennessee Valley
 region, TVA employs more than 13,000 people.  TVA sells wholesale power to 158
 public power systems, which supply electricity to 8.3 million people in the
 Tennessee Valley region.  Additionally, TVA supplies power directly to 62
 industries and federal facilities.  Along with affordable, reliable power, TVA
 delivers value to the regional economy by supporting a thriving river system
 and promoting economic growth.  TVA has the lowest three-year operating costs
 among 51 U.S. nuclear power generators, and recently achieved 99.999 percent
 reliability for its transmission system - an organization record.
     Facing a future of increased competition, TVA began its Balanced Scorecard
 program in 2000 to help put forth a "Winning Performance."  According to TVA
 Chairman Glenn L. McCullough, Jr., "TVA's Winning Performance Balanced
 Scorecard allows the men and women of TVA to establish priorities; measure and
 report performance in key areas; understand how individual activities are tied
 to company priorities; and link individual compensation to company-wide
 results.  The Balanced Scorecard provides measures that are understood and
 appreciated by all levels of the organization.  It is also the way to
 recognize our accomplishments as we set new goals for future successes."
     The Award
     A stunning Steuben crystal rising star, designed by Robert Cassetti, was
 presented to officers from each organization at the Balanced Scorecard North
 American Summit 2003:  Achieve Sustainable Results in Turbulent Times.
 Today's winners join thirty other Hall of Fame organizations, including:
 Hilton Hotels, Saatchi & Saatchi, UPS, U.S. Army, Wells Fargo, and Wendy's
     About the Balanced Scorecard
     The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) concept-created by Drs. Robert S. Kaplan and
 David P. Norton in 1992-has been implemented in thousands of corporations,
 organizations, and government agencies worldwide.  Based on the simple premise
 that "measurement motivates," the BSC puts strategy at the center of the
 management process, allowing organizations to implement strategies rapidly and
     About Balanced Scorecard Collaborative
     Led by Balanced Scorecard creators Drs. Robert S. Kaplan and David P.
 Norton, Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, Inc. (BSCol) is a new kind of
 professional services firm dedicated to the worldwide awareness, use,
 enhancement, and integrity of the Balanced Scorecard as a value-added
 management process.  To learn more about the BSC or BSCol, join the growing
 worldwide Balanced Scorecard community at
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      Robert L. Howie, Jr.
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