Bang & Olufsen Launches New MP3 Player for Holiday 2007 Season

Giving Never Sounded So Good ...

Oct 25, 2007, 01:00 ET from Bang & Olufsen

    ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Bang & Olufsen, the
 global provider of exclusive, high quality audio and video products,
 announces the arrival of its new MP3 player, renowned for its cutting edge
 style and dynamic CD sound quality. Additionally, Bang & Olufsen presents a
 variety of holiday gift ideas, including a stylish Bluetooth headset,
 robust computer loudspeakers, and a distinct home telephone that enables
 clear and concise communication.
     BeoSound 6 New MP3 Player
     For those who seek the ultimate sound quality while listening to their
 favorite digital music files, BeoSound 6 proves to be the top choice! Its
 superior sound performance rivals that of home audio systems. When compared
 to other MP3 players, BeoSound 6 has a very clear and pure CD sound
 quality, due to its high performance on signal to noise playback.
     BeoSound 6 allows up to 40 hours of playback (which is double the
 market standard for battery life). It has a storage capacity of up to 1000
 songs and can be utilized with any PC or MAC based operating systems --
 making it the MP3 player of choice for those who value quality over
     Focusing on high quality materials and detailed craftsmanship, BeoSound
 6 looks as good as it sounds. Surrounded by a stainless steel frame and
 featuring a black soft-touch lacquered surface and a black
 scratch-resistant glass display (with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels),
 the result is crystal clear impeccable sleek design.
     BeoSound 6 will be delivered with an exclusive, slim fit leather case.
 BeoSound 6 can be operated while positioned in the case and it also stores
 the A8 earphones when not in use. MSRP $600.00 USD
     EarSet 2 -- Tonal Precision and Superb Comfort
     EarSet 2 is the first Bang & Olufsen wireless, Bluetooth headset to
 enter the market place. It offers superb comfort with its ergonomic design
 and an unprecedented sound quality with its innovations in speech and sound
 reproduction. It can be used together with Serene, as well as any other
 mobile phone with a standard Bluetooth interface.
     EarSet 2 sets new standards in sound quality with its two
 omni-directional microphones (that are placed merely 30 millimeters apart)
 and advanced digital signal processing that ensure the experience of a
 true, face-to-face conversation. The omni directional microphones block out
 wind noise and together compensate, filter and suppress any and all
 exterior sounds. The speech quality is also greatly enhanced as EarSet 2
 contains a completely closed cabinet and miniature speaker unit. The unit
 is supported by air vents and a bass port which ensures a frequency
 response that offers a very high degree of tonal precision.
     Simply fold out the short microphone arm and EarSet 2 is switched on,
 fold it back in and it is switched off. It is beautifully crafted in
 anodized aluminum and soft touch plastic surfaces. When not in use, EarSet
 2 may be stored and transported in a designed container that also
 conveniently serves as a charger. MSRP $350.00 USD
     BeoCom 4 -- Form and Function, Redefined
     Standing upright, this two component handset and base combination
 offers exceptional convenience and unrivalled ease-of-use. BeoCom 4 is Bang
 & Olufsen's latest masterpiece that is asymmetrically divided into two
 halves and therefore provides a high level of interaction. When placed
 together the two units form a distinct tower, when apart they offer two
 separate, fully functioning visual identities.
     BeoCom 4 is very light weight and is operated through a smooth, raised
 wheel located on the handset. The wheel is navigated with one-step thumb
 operation allowing the user to scroll through the built in phone book and
 call list. High sound quality reproduction from the built in loudspeaker is
 ensured by a combination of Bang & Olufsen skills in acoustics and advanced
 digital signal processing. The handset, consisting of a loudspeaker and
 microphone, is built upon the same design concept as our award winning
 earphones, where individual adaptation to each user is applied.
     BeoCom 4 features a smooth and durable surface, ensured by an extensive
 ultra violet lacquering process which produces a highly scratch-resistant
 surface. BeoCom 4 comes in black, blue, and beige, has caller ID and call
 waiting functionality. MSRP $350.00 USD
     BeoLab 4 PC/MAC -- The Ultimate Computer Loudspeaker
     BeoLab 4 is the first dedicated and self amplified PC and MAC based
 computer loudspeaker from Bang & Olufsen which offers a very compact design
 with robust sound. BeoLab 4 is the perfect solution for those who rely on
 computers for any and all sources of entertainment. Given the increasing
 role music plays on the development of computer games and digital music
 sharing and listening, Bang & Olufsen has come up with the ultimate
 solution to enhance the listening experience.
     Based on our proprietary digital ICEpower(R) amplifier technology,
 BeoLab 4 enables very large sound to be produced from such a small speaker
 shape. With its unconventional pyramid-structure, BeoLab 4 is approx. 8
 inches high and 9 inches wide, yet it delivers impeccable range within the
 entire audio spectrum, from deep bass to high treble.
     BeoLab 4 is an intelligent loudspeaker that automatically adjusts the
 bass according to the volume level. When playing at normal volume, the bass
 provides the foundation for a natural "soundscape". Conversely, the bass is
 adjusted downwards when the volume is high, to avoid damaging the bass
 unit. This self adjusting patented system by Bang & Olufsen is called ABL
 (Adaptive Bass Linearization), and it has proven its worth in our
 loudspeakers for many years. BeoLab 4 connects easily to a PC or a Mac
 using a normal mini-jack plug and is immediately ready to use for plug and
 play operation. It can also link up to the BeoSound 2 MP3 player or any
 other MP3 player on the market. BeoLab 4 is available in red, blue and
 black. MSRP is $990.00 USD
     About Bang & Olufsen a/s
     Founded in 1925 in Struer, Denmark, Bang & Olufsen a/s is world
 renowned for its distinctive range of quality consumer electronic products
 that represent our vision: Courage to constantly question the ordinary in
 search of surprising, long-lasting experiences. The Bang & Olufsen Group
 manufactures a unique range of televisions, music systems, loudspeakers,
 telephones, and multimedia products. With more than 2,400 employees and
 products sold in more than 60 countries worldwide, Bang & Olufsen turnover
 for the 2006/07 financial year was DKK 4,376 million (USD 801 million).
 Further information about Bang & Olufsen a/s is available from
     About Bang & Olufsen America, Inc.
     Headquartered in the Greater Chicago Area, Bang & Olufsen America, Inc.
 is a fully owned subsidiary of Bang & Olufsen a/s of Struer Denmark. It was
 founded in 1972 and provides support and development for 54 retail
 showrooms in the continental US, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Canada.

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