Bartenders, Called Keys to 'Make or Break Spirits Brands,' to Be Subjects of Novel New Study

Nationwide Sample Interviewed on Video in Their Bar Setting, Moving Away

from Focus Group Approach

May 22, 2006, 01:00 ET from Snippies

    NEW YORK, May 22 /PRNewswire/ -- In a first-of-its-kind study,
 bartenders nationwide will be interviewed extensively on-camera and
 on-location, for the purposes of providing insights to beverage and bar
 product manufacturers. Why are bartenders of interest? "Bartenders interact
 with consumers more intimately than nearly any other profession," says
 Edward Bikales, president of Snippies, the company initiating the study.
 "They're sought after for advice and companionship. They steer customers'
 choices. They choose whether to champion or ignore a brand's promotion. To
 put it plainly: They can make or break a spirits brand."
     The use of video as an on-location tool is a departure from the more
 common practice of bringing research subjects - including bartenders - into
 focus group rooms. "By sending video cameras to the bars instead of
 bringing the bartenders to a room we get more natural responses and -
 importantly - more visual clues," says Bikales. "For example: What does the
 bar look like? What kind of patrons are there? How are products displayed?
 Plus, of course, researchers can see the facial expressions and hand
 gestures of the interviewee."
     A total of thirty bartenders drawn from five metropolitan markets will
 be interviewed for over an hour. Each will be asked a series of baseline
 questions. Participating companies will have the opportunity to add their
 own questions, or even ask for demonstrations - like how bartenders whip up
 a whiskey sour, for example. "Companies might want to know how their drinks
 are stored, dispensed and measured, for example. We can show them, right on
     Snippies, a company that specializes in collecting "video data" from
 multiple markets, has teamed for this study with Technomic, a longtime
 leader in spirits, food and beverage research and consulting, to offer
 clients a summary analysis of the interviews. Snippies, with its network of
 video journalists in over 85 markets, considers themselves expert in
 effectively collecting videotaped interviews quickly and efficiently.
 Technomic brings four decades of expertise in helping clients build food,
 beverage and spirits businesses through strategic counseling and better
 understanding consumer behavior.
     Technomic crafted the baseline questions and will study the raw footage
 of their answers - ultimately producing a ten-page report. The questions
 focus on four key areas:
      -- Effective merchandising and promotional tools in a bar setting
      -- Hot trends and emerging drinks/cocktails
      -- Critical needs from suppliers and distributors
      -- Bartender's perceptions of various brands
     Interviewing begins in June and the study will be sent to clients July
 26. Participating companies can add their own questions until June 1. Full
 details are available at
     Individuals interested in learning more about this opportunity should
 contact Ari Pomerantz at 212-594-9500 x226 or
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