Basic Carbon Nanotube Patent Awarded to AMBIT Corporation

Massachusetts firm claims ownership of moving carbon nanotubes with


Sep 28, 2006, 01:00 ET from AMBIT Corporation

    ASHLAND, Mass., Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- AMBIT Corporation
 ( announced today that it has been awarded U.S.
 Patent No. 7,099,071 entitled Method of Moving a Carbon Nanotube. The
 patent is the fourth in a series of fundamental carbon nanotube patents
 that cover the production and use of carbon nanotubes in arrays and was
 invented by Robert J Crowley, a cofounder of AMBIT Corp. "This fourth basic
 carbon nanotube patent further strengthens an already important technology
 that is being applied to solar energy, computer memory, RFID, and numerous
 other applications in electronics, communications and computing," said
     The newly issued patent specifically covers the movement of a carbon
 nanotube with an electrical signal, something that is basic to
 nanotube-based memory applications that are soon to be commercialized. In
 addition, the patent, which stems from work done by Crowley in the mid-90s,
 appears to be earlier than patents and technologies from competitors,
 something that gives tiny AMBIT Corporation a leg up on the competition.
 "The early priority date is significant," said AMBIT VP and Patent Attorney
 Don Halgren, who co-founded the firm with Crowley. "Our IP portfolio now
 contains several basic, important aspects of carbon nanotubes that will
 soon be used in large commercial applications."
     AMBIT Corporation is engaged in other R&D activities in cellular
 telephony and in sensors for detecting human motion, and has already
 cooperated with its sister company Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc.
 ( to successfully commercialize its
 technologies. "The real opportunities are for those companies that actually
 produce a tangible product," said Crowley. "We apply what we invent to
 actual products and systems, and we don't wait for the royalty streams to
 go forward, as technology is rapidly progressing, but we must and do
 protect the areas that we own." Crowley, who also serves as president of
 the firm, is a well-known inventor with over 100 US and foreign patents and
 applications to his name.
     AMBIT's VP of New Business Robert Arcangeli, a veteran of technology
 and medical companies such as Boston Scientific, observed that, "We have
 placed technologies into production either through partners or with
 licenses, but we realize that as a small company we must look for
 additional ways to leverage what we do. Now we have the opportunity to
 enable computer memory and seek alliances in that field."
     About the company: AMBIT Corporation was founded in 1993 to develop and
 commercialize new technologies where rapid commercialization is taking
 place. The company has developed systems that control and route cellular
 telephone signals, carbon nanotube electronics, and human-machine sensing
 systems, and is the owner of patents in these and other areas. AMBIT
 Corporation operates an R&D facility in Ashland, MA where it conducts
 experiments and product development, and actively seeks collaborators and
 licensees for its technologies and patents.

SOURCE AMBIT Corporation