BBVA Announces Social Responsibility Plan in Latin America

Focused on Education Annual investment of $25 Mil dollars

* More than 16,000 children and youngsters from 10 countries will benefit

from scholarships beginning 2007

* BBVA makes a commitment to contribute annually more than 0.7% of its

profit in Latin American countries, thereby increasing its investment in

Social Responsibility in the region by more than 50%

* BBVA will allocate the funds to specific and local projects in the ten

countries it operates in. With a dual common denominator: education and

integration to the society

* 'The plan reaffirms our commitment in Latin America, where we want to

have an active, positive role in the region's societies, and contribute to

the creation of wealth and employment, and support development,' affirms

Francisco Gonzalez, Chairman of BBVA Group

* 'Latin America's growing importance to the BBVA Group requires us to take

a qualitative leap with Latin American communities and their most

disadvantaged sectors,' says Gonzalez.

Oct 19, 2006, 01:00 ET from BBVA

    MADRID, Spain, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Beginning in 2007,
 BBVA will dedicate more than $25 million dollars (20 million euros) to its
 Social Responsibility program in Latin America, focused on the education
 and social integration of children and youth. Francisco Gonzalez, the
 Group's Chairman, announced the program in Mexico during the VIII Latin
 American Meeting of the Third Sector. With this innovative plan, BBVA will
 dedicate more than 0.7% per annum of its profit in the region to social
 responsibility, representing an increase of 50% the investment allocated to
 this goal.
     "The plan reaffirms our commitment towards Latin America, where we want
 to have an active, positive role in the region's communities, contribute
 towards the creation of wealth and employment, and support development,"
 Francisco Gonzalez affirmed today, upon announcing the launch of the Social
 Responsibility Plan. This ambitious plan was prepared over recent months in
 great detail by each one of the ten countries forming part of it.
     "Latin America's growing importance to the BBVA Group requires us to
 take a qualitative leap with Latin American communities and their most
 disadvantaged sectors," BBVA's chairman added.
     BBVA, the principal financial group in Latin America through an
 important presence in banks, pension managers and insurance companies, and
 more than 23 million clients in the region, is firmly committed to
 corporate responsibility policies in all markets where it does business.
 This commitment is embedded within its corporate culture and is summarized
 by the company's vision "BBVA, Working for a better future for people."
     A plan with a broad impact in 10 countries
     BBVA Group already has an important social responsibility program in
 Latin America, with a total investment of 12 million euros in 2005. Now it
 wishes to take a more ambitious leap, increasing its investment in the
 innovative social responsibility program by 50% in 2007, to more than 20
 million euros (25 million dollars).
     Out of the total investment of 20 Mil euros in the Social
 Responsibility Plan, 14.6 Mil euros come from the BBVA Group's Latin
 American units, representing more than 0,7% of their profits, and the rest
 comes from BBVA headquarters in Spain.
     BBVA's Social Responsibility Plan is unique in that it is being
 implemented in a total of ten countries simultaneously: Argentina, Chile,
 Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and
     The plan combines both a global and a local dimension, presenting a
 common central focus -- education for disadvantaged sectors -- and a set of
 general criteria for all countries. At the same time, the Group is focusing
 on the needs and most relevant problems in these Latin American educational
     This program will immediately benefit students. Already in 2007, more
 than 16,000 children and youngsters will benefit from the various programs
 in the ten countries.
     The objectives of the Social Responsibility Plan are as follows:
     1.  Contribute greater social service
     2.  Contribute more effectively towards a better and closer relationship
         of the BBVA Group with Latin American community.
     3.  Strengthen the identity of our actions with regard to this subject
         matter in the area.
     As of now, affirmed Francisco Gonzalez, all social responsibility
 policies of BBVA Group's banks and foundations in Latin America will be
 governed by five criteria, constituting the Plan's essential nucleus:
     1.  Substantial increase of investment in social responsibility,
         dedicating each year at least 0.7% of local profit (this percentage
         corresponds to the demand of the United Nations Development Program).
     2.  Priority given to education which will make up 80% of the Group's
         social responsibility programs in Latin America, and concentration of
         the remaining actions in the fields of culture and humanitarian
     3.  Training activities focused on basic- and middle level education and
         on infancy and adolescence.
     4.  Special attention to disadvantaged segments of the population.
     5.  Development of a principal, albeit not mimetic, action plan in all
         countries:  BBVA Integration Scholarship Program.
     BBVA's Chairman affirmed that, "The Plan founded on the belief that
 investment in human capital meets the most appropriate characteristics for
 the BBVA Group. Human capital is the most powerful pillar in the
 development of any country, and also the most necessary long-term priority
 in Latin America.
     It is the principal field of action for cooperation between Spain and
 Latin America, in accordance with the strategy set at the latest Latin
 American Summits. It is also a priority clearly aligned with the United
 Nations Millennium Development Goals, to which the BBVA Group wishes to
 contribute explicitly." Gonzalez explained the rationale behind the Plan.
     Finally, "it appears to us to be the tool for development and
 betterment of the future most clearly aligned with BBVA's Corporate
 Culture," said Francisco Gonzalez.