BEA Announces Expanded dev2dev(TM) Online Community

Free Online Community Designed to Help Provide More Interactivity and

Collaboration; Developers Can Have More Opportunities to 'Think Liquid'

Jun 27, 2005, 01:00 ET from BEA Systems, Inc.

    SAN FRANCISCO, JAVAONE, June 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- BEA Systems,
 Inc. (Nasdaq:   BEAS), a world leader in enterprise infrastructure software,
 today announced an enhanced version of the company's developer site, BEA
 dev2dev, has gone live. The site features blogs from prominent members of the
 developer community; expanded relevant technical content, WIKI webs, full
 content syndication (RSS) and a new design that is designed to help developers
 get the answers they want faster and stay better connect.
     BEA dev2dev is designed to provide software developers with a free
 interactive, engaging portal that can offer collaborative tools, newsgroups,
 best practices, technical content and many more features designed to help BEA
 developers collaborate and innovate.
     "With participation from developers, educators and technologists from
 companies, universities and organizations worldwide, dev2dev is much more than
 a community to network and share ideas -- it is a 'Think Tank' for
 innovation," said Franz Aman, vice president of Interactive Marketing for BEA
 Systems. "The new features we are adding can help to provide a rich library of
 content that is not only relevant and inspiring but can also invite
 conversation and debate between developers around the world."
     Interactive Articles, Blogs and Wiki Can Help Turn Developers into Liquid
     From the new site design to more interactive features, dev2dev reflects
 the new branding and tagline from BEA -- "Think Liquid."  Developers can share
 information, content and best practices with each other in a free flow
 environment.  Different from most other software developer communities that
 focus on one application or OS environment, dev2dev is designed to encourage
 developers to create liquid assets and services that can work across
 heterogeneous business environments rather than code to one OS environment and
 limit innovation to a specific application or operating systems.
     The enhanced site includes new ways for developers not only to learn what
 their peers have to say on important topics ranging from standards to Open
 Source to the latest technologies from BEA and other leading enterprise
 software vendors but to join the conversations presented by their peers and
 provide their perspective, expertise and case studies.  Interactive
 enhancements include:
      --   Articles:  New layout for articles section includes tools that are
           designed to make it easier to join in the conversation and for
           developers to look up additional articles by the same author or
           search by topic.   Additionally, the article discussion section
           includes relevant synopsis and comment information which can make it
           easier for readers to browse.
      --   Blogs:  A new area for dev2dev is the ability for participants to
           post blogs as well as interact with a host of bloggers.  Every
           blogger can have their own home page which lists blog entries, and
           the RSS subscription address.
      --   Full Content Syndication (RSS):  The new dev2dev site is completed
           syndicated. Developers can sign up to receive RSS feeds of multiple
           content areas including articles, blogs, product and technology
           centers, and CodeShare project feeds.
      --   WIKI and Webs:  Wiki functionality is available on dev2dev. This
           feature can give dev2dev members control over how they stay
           connected within the community. Members can build and host their own
           Wiki Websites about their own relevant topics.
     New Technology Centers Planned to Help Developers Stay Up To Date on
 Latest BEA Product and Services
     BEA dev2dev will include two new technology centers:  AquaLogic Product
 Center and SIP Technology Center. Both centers will be designed to get
 developers on the fast track to using these new product suites from BEA and
 learning how the new products can help bring value to their IT efforts.
 AquaLogic Product Center will highlight the new BEA service infrastructure
 solution announced early in June 2005 to address the need for integration
 solutions with capabilities which can help enable the operation and lifecycle
 management of IT services so that they can be composed once and leveraged
 anywhere (COLA).  Designed for enterprise IT architects and application
 specialists, BEA AquaLogic Product Family includes a messaging backbone and
 services repository, data integration platform, security framework, and
 configuration environment.  Scheduled to debut Summer 2005, SIP Technology
 Center is designed to provide the latest news and product information for a
 common infrastructure for voice and data in the enterprise.
     In addition to the new product and technology centers, dev2dev includes
 free product trials including BEA WebLogic JRockit 5.0, the only Java Virtual
 Machine (JVM) with a self-adapting garbage collector that is designed to
 actually switch garbage collection strategies during runtime, automatically
 choosing the garbage collection algorithm best suited to the current running
 application. WebLogic JRockit JDK can provide tools, utilities, and a complete
 runtime environment to help developers to run applications using the Java
 programming language. Developers can access the WebLogic JRockit Product
 Center on dev2dev, which can provide continual updates in articles, tools, and
 strategies in using WebLogic JRockit.
     Furthermore, in partnership with technical publishing leader O'Reilly
 Media Inc., dev2dev continues to bring quality publishing services and
 information to the developer community.
     "BEA is very dedicated to the developer community and it is apparent in
 the time, resources and quality work put into dev2dev," said Dale Dougherty,
 executive vice president of O'Reilly Media, Inc.  "We value the opportunity to
 partner with BEA to help ensure that developers can have free access to a rich
 and robust community of quality information as well as peer expertise."
     Coding Contest For Developers To Showcase Open Source-based Innovation
     Scheduled to begin on June 27, BEA will host a contest called "Eclipse
 Plug-in Coding Contest."  Having recently joined the Eclipse foundation as a
 strategic developer and support of Eclipse as a standard for IDE development
 on the BEA WebLogic platform, the contest is designed to promote creativity
 and innovation with the Eclipse Open Source effort.  Entries will be judged on
 creativity, relative need, ease of use and superior functionality.  Prizes for
 the top three winners are:
      --   First prize:  Free trip to BEAWorld (US) with an estimated value of
      --   Second prize:  Sony PSP including 2 games with an estimated value of
      --   Third prize:  iPod Shuffle with an estimate value of $99.00
     Upon completion of the contest, developers can also incubate their entries
 in dev2dev CodeShare and collaborate with other Eclipse plug-in projects to
 further enhance and benefit the community.  For more information please visit .
     About BEA dev2dev
     Since 2002, dev2dev has been an important free resource for information,
 networking and interactivity for software developers, educators and
 technologist.  With a large diverse community, participants can find the
 information they may need to help them in their endeavors.  For more
 information about dev2dev please visit .
     About BEA
     BEA Systems, Inc. is a world leader in enterprise infrastructure software,
 providing standards-based platforms to accelerate the secure flow of
 information and services. BEA product lines -- WebLogic(R), Tuxedo(R), and the
 new AquaLogic(TM) family of Service Infrastructure -- help customers reduce IT
 complexity and successfully deploy Service-Oriented Architectures to improve
 business agility and efficiency. For more information please visit at
     Legal Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements
     Some of the statements in this press release are forward-looking,
 including the statements regarding the planned AquaLogic Product Center and
 SIP Technology Center (the "New dev2dev Centers") and the features, benefits,
 completion and release of the New dev2dev Centers.  Actual results could
 differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking statements.
 Risks and uncertainties that could cause results to differ materially include
 risks associated with: any unforeseen changes in the technology, standards or
 marketplace for enterprise Java, integration, or SIP software which could
 cause delays or changes in BEA's development plans and scheduled features for
 the New dev2dev Centers; any slow down in the market for Java, integration or
 SIP software products which could cause BEA to re-evaluate its priorities in
 investment in supporting these technologies and delay the development,
 completion and release of either of the New dev2dev Centers;  any unforeseen
 technical difficulties related to the development of the New dev2dev Centers;
 and any software errors in the Product Innovations.  Readers should also refer
 to the risk disclosures set forth in BEA's 10-Q for the quarter ended April
 30, 2005 as filed with the SEC and subsequent reports filed thereafter by BEA
 from time-to-time with the SEC.  The forward-looking statements contained in
 this release are made as of the date hereof, and BEA does not assume any
 obligation to update such statements nor the reasons why actual results could
 differ materially from those projected in such statements.
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