BEA Expands Its Blended Development Model by Making Valuable Code Donation to Open Source Java Community

BEA to Open Source Its Kodo Java Persistence APIs Based on the Pre-Final

Enterprise Java Beans 3.0 (EJB3) Specification; Continues to Drive Innovation

and Simplify Development on Java Platform

OSBC West, SAN FRANCISCO and SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 14

Feb 14, 2006, 00:00 ET from BEA Systems, Inc.

/PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- In a bold move that demonstrates its commitment to
 the open source community and signifies a key milestone in the execution
 against its Blended Development and Deployment Model, BEA Systems, Inc.
 (Nasdaq:   BEAS), a world leader in enterprise infrastructure software, today
 announced that it will open source a significant portion of BEA Kodo, its
 persistence engine, under the name Open JPA.  BEA acquired Kodo as part of its
 purchase of SolarMetric, Inc. in November 2005.  Today's announcement will
 benefit all Java users, particularly those who prefer to develop using a
 blended model of commercial software and open source frameworks.
     Open JPA is a set of Java persistence Application Program Interfaces
 (APIs) that are based on the forthcoming Enterprise Java Beans 3.0 (EJB3)
 standard. A key element of the draft EJB 3.0 specification focuses on
 persisting in-memory objects in relational databases. This means that
 transient objects like the contents of an online shoppers' cart or airline
 ticket reservations can be stored permanently in a relational database and
     Open JPA is also intended to streamline the development process and allow
 developers to focus on solving the business problems they face, rather than
 spending needless cycles on writing and testing infrastructure code. Users
 will be able to "blend" the open source Open JPA with the technologies like
 BEA's Workshop Studio for tooling support and BEA's acclaimed enterprise
 support services.
     "Open JPA is a valuable intellectual property that the community has been
 asking to be made open source," said Patrick Linskey, EJB Technical Lead at
 BEA Systems and BEA's representative on the EJB3 specification team. "We want
 the community to know that we are listening to them and are delivering on
 their needs. By donating Open JPA to the open source community, BEA extends
 its leadership role in the enterprise Java and open source communities."
     With the emphasis on simplified programming models, corporate-friendly
 licensing models, and open standards, Open JPA will allow for collaboration,
 adoption and innovation on a popular element of Java technology. BEA will
 offer a commercial implementation and tooling as well as mission critical
 support for those who require it.
     "We know that open standards are important to our customers. And they are
 extremely wary of the type of vendor lock-in that can occur with other
 software solution providers," said Wai Wong, executive vice president of
 Products at BEA Systems, Inc. "By donating the Open JPA code, we are
 reaffirming our commitment to platform independence. Like Kodo, Open JPA will
 work in any Java environment, be it a Java EE application server or a
 standalone client-server system."
     About BEA's Blended Development Model
     Today's announcement exemplifies BEA's commitment to enabling developers
 to utilize both commercial software and open source projects. This "blended"
 approach allows developers to mix and match the best features from each
 solution while maintaining a seamless platform for teams to develop, deploy
 and administer their applications and services. This is becoming increasingly
 important for those creating next-generation service oriented architectures
     BEA's support for blended application development and deployment provides
 the essential framework support, development tools and a variety of deployment
 platforms for an enterprise to successfully take advantage of open source
 technology. Unlike competitors that may provide isolated support for a few
 open source frameworks, BEA certifies and blends multiple frameworks deeply
 within the company's commercial software. Today BEA's development platforms
 work with open source Apache Struts, Apache Beehive, Apache XML Beans, Eclipse
 and the Spring Framework. In addition BEA offers full mission-critical
 technical support for those frameworks, and the company is deeply entrenched
 in their developer communities, which ultimately reduces the effort, risk and
 hidden costs associated with today's open source solutions.
     Open JPA is expected to be available in the first half of 2006. BEA Kodo
 is available today for free evaluation and purchase at .
     To get more information or learn more about the underlying technology and
 standards behind Open JPA and Kodo, please register for our three part webinar
 series at BEA's Persistence Technology Center at .
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