BEA Systems Embraces Open Source Innovation

Announces Groundbreaking Plans to Support Customers in Mixing and Matching of

Frameworks, Programming Models and Deployment Environments

Jun 27, 2005, 01:00 ET from BEA Systems, Inc.

    SAN FRANCISCO, JAVAONE, June 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- BEA Systems,
 Inc. (Nasdaq:   BEAS) today announced groundbreaking plans to develop the
 industry's first J2EE application environment that is designed to fully
 support all major open source frameworks. The new BEA tools will be designed
 to allow developers to write to one or more leading open source Java
 frameworks and then easily deploy their blended applications on BEA's
 high-performance application server. The roadmap, shared during a keynote
 address here by BEA chief technology officer Mark Carges, represents the
 company's most sweeping embrace of the open source community.
     A recent study by BEA of more than 1,000 enterprise developers indicates
 that more than 70 percent of Global 2000 companies today use one or more open
 source frameworks -- and up to 28 percent use more than one type of
 application server within their development environments. BEA's new roadmap
 illustrates the importance BEA places on providing valuable support to meet
 the real-world needs of customers, while continuing to distinguish BEA
 WebLogic Server(R) from other application servers for its openness, simplicity
 and choice for the developer.
     "Much of the innovation in programming models for the J2EE technology
 platform is happening in the open source community," said Carges. "Developers
 already save a lot of time by using leading frameworks like Apache Beehive and
 Spring Framework, and the ability to mix and match the best components and
 deployment platforms give them optimal building blocks to get their jobs done.
 Combined with our recent BEA AquaLogic(TM) launch, today's news reflects our
 commitment to simplify computing and embrace innovation beyond the traditional
 boundaries of J2EE -- and ultimately help companies turn frozen IT assets into
 enterprise liquid assets."
     The BEA WebLogic Workshop and other tools will be designed to allow
 applications to be built or blended from leading open source frameworks,
 including Apache Beehive, the Spring Framework and Apache Struts, and can then
 be deployed on BEA WebLogic Server. BEA will also certify the BEA WebLogic
 Workshop(TM) tools for Apache Geronimo and Apache Tomcat. The goal of this
 certification is to support the migration of applications developed on these
 frameworks and open source runtimes onto WebLogic Server, taking full
 advantage of the monitoring and management capabilities BEA can provide. The
 tools will be designed to allow Customers to have the ability to configure and
 monitor Spring modules through the WebLogic Server administrative console. In
 addition to the support and leadership BEA has shown as a strategic member of
 the Eclipse Foundation, and as contributor to high-profile Apache and other
 open source projects, today's news furthers the company's position in open
 source and Java development.
     To bring all this to life, Carges demonstrated on stage during his JavaOne
 keynote the creation of a Java application in Eclipse leveraging both Apache
 Beehive and Spring with deployment to Apache Tomcat. As a next step, Carges
 retargeted the application to BEA WebLogic Server and showed access to the
 open source modules through the BEA WebLogic Server management console which
 can allow customers to take full advantage of the advanced BEA WebLogic Server
 feature set.
     "Some of the greatest innovations in the J2EE community are happening in
 the open source world with application frameworks such as Spring," said
 Rod Johnson, founder of the Spring Framework and chief executive officer of
 Interface21, the company largely responsible for the vision and leadership of
 the Spring framework and which offers Spring Framework services including
 training, consulting and support. "We are excited that BEA is embracing the
 grass-roots innovation that is happening in the Spring community as a response
 to the pain that developers face today. BEA's support for Spring is important
 to our goal of helping developers spend less and less time dealing with the
 unnecessary complexity that is often associated with J2EE."
     Specific details on BEA's development and deployment portfolio for blended
 applications are scheduled to be made available in the next 90 days. Starting
 in September, BEA is scheduled to host six BEAWorld conferences in the Bay
 Area, London, Paris, Prague, Tokyo and Beijing. Tracks are scheduled to
 feature the new blended application development and deployment tooling
 technology. More information on BEAWorld can be found at .
     BEA Continues to be Partner to the Open Source Community
     BEA has a long and successful history as a partner to the open source
 community and in helping to drive innovation for the entire Java community,
 while providing investment protection to customers through open source and
 open standards.
     BEA is actively involved in a number of open source projects including:
     -- Apache Beehive is a framework that can incorporate metadata to help
        simplify enterprise resource access and the creation of web services
        and web applications.
     -- Apache XMLBeans is a tool that is designed to give Java developers the
        full expressive capability of XML Schema with the simplicity of
     -- Eclipse AspectJ is a project that is designed to provide aspect
        oriented extensions to Java as well as Eclipse-based tooling.
     -- Eclipse Language Development Tools (LDT) is a proposed Eclipse project
        to implement support for authoring, editing, and building source code
        files that are authored in multiple languages such as JSP, XML Schema,
        and BPEL.
     -- Eclipse Pollinate is designed to provide an Eclipse-based IDE and
        toolset for the Apache Beehive project.
     -- Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) is a project that is designed to
        extend the Eclipse platform with tooling for developing J2EE
     BEA's open source support helps to drive innovation in the application
 infrastructure and service infrastructure market categories. By leveraging
 commercial experience and innovation around J2EE, SOA, XML, Web services and
 metadata, BEA is able to partner with the open source community to help drive
 innovation in the application infrastructure and server infrastructure
 categories and help strengthen the Java market as a whole.
     About BEA
     BEA Systems, Inc. is a world leader in enterprise infrastructure software,
 providing standards-based platforms to accelerate the secure flow of
 information and services. BEA product lines -- WebLogic(R), Tuxedo(R), and the
 new AquaLogic(TM) family of Service Infrastructure -- help customers reduce IT
 complexity and successfully deploy Service-Oriented Architectures to improve
 business agility and efficiency. For more information please visit
     Legal Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements
     Some of the statements in this press release are forward-looking,
 including the statements regarding plans to develop the industry's first J2EE
 application environment designed to fully support all major open source
 frameworks (the "Open Source Environment"); the features and benefits of the
 Open Source Environment, including the ability of such an environment to fully
 support all major open source frameworks, the ability of BEA WebLogic Workshop
 and other tools to allow applications to be build or blended from leading open
 source frameworks and deployed on BEA WebLogic Server;; BEA's plans to certify
 BEA WebLogic Workshop tools for Apache Geronimo and Apache Tomcat and the
 features and benefits of these tools; the eventual efficacy of the proposed
 Eclipse Language Development Tools (LDT) project; and the scheduled release of
 additional details about BEA's portfolio in the next 90 days. Actual results
 could differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking
 statements. Risks and uncertainties that could cause results to differ
 materially include risks associated with: any unforeseen changes in the
 technology, standards or marketplace for open source enterprise information
 software that makes the interoperability of disparate frameworks more
 difficult than BEA currently anticipates; the introduction or rise in
 popularity of new open source frameworks or technologies that BEA has not
 anticipated in its development plans; any slow down in the growth of the open
 source movement; the timing of a recovery from the current economic and IT
 industry downturn;  any unforeseen technical difficulties related to the
 development the Open Source Environment and BEA WebLogic Workshop; and any
 software errors related to the Open Source Environment and BEA WebLogic
 Workshop. Readers should also refer to the risk disclosures set forth in BEA's
 10-Q for the quarter ended April 30, 2005 as filed with the SEC and subsequent
 reports filed thereafter by BEA from time-to-time with the SEC. The
 forward-looking statements contained in this release are made as of the date
 hereof, and BEA does not assume any obligation to update such statements nor
 the reasons why actual results could differ materially from those projected in
 such statements.
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