BellSouth Kicks Off New Year With Promotions on Residential Long Distance Plans

Offers include cash back, free minutes and discounted rates

Jan 04, 2005, 00:00 ET from BellSouth Corporation

    ATLANTA, Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- BellSouth (NYSE:   BLS) today announced two
 new long distance promotions: 100 free domestic long distance minutes per
 month for the first three months when residential customers sign up for a
 BellSouth(R) Long Distance Nickel(1) plan, and no monthly recurring charge for
 the first six months for new subscribers to the BellSouth(R) Long Distance
 Dollar(2) plan.
     In addition, BellSouth is extending both its $25 Cash Back promotion for
 customers signing up for any domestic BellSouth(R) Unlimited long distance
 calling plan(3) and its "World on Sale" promotion for BellSouth(R)
 International Advantage at Home plans(4) offering significant discounts to
 more than 200 countries.
     "BellSouth wants to get the new year off to a good start for customers by
 offering new promotions for the Nickel and Dollar long distance plans," said
 Paulino R. Barros Jr., BellSouth vice president - Product Development and
     At the same time, we want to continue our positive customer momentum from
 last year when we grew to six million long distance customers," continued
 Barros. "We're helping to do that by extending our popular Unlimited and
 'World on Sale' promotions. Our domestic plans and international calling plans
 offer some of the best rates in the industry, and BellSouth Long Distance
 provides convenient options customers prefer."
     Below is a sampling of the BellSouth Long Distance "World on Sale"
 International Advantage promotional rates:
     Country          Rate Per Minute   Promo Rate Per Minute
     Bahamas              24 cents             15 cents
     Brazil               14 cents             10 cents
     Chile                19 cents              5 cents
     Colombia             15 cents             10 cents
     Dominican Republic   18 cents             12 cents
     Germany              12 cents              5 cents
     Guatemala            26 cents             17 cents
     Honduras             40 cents             30 cents
     India                28 cents             19 cents
     Italy                12 cents              5 cents
     Jamaica              37 cents             17 cents
     Mexico               10 cents              8 cents
     Nicaragua            36 cents             29 cents
     Philippines          17 cents             15 cents
     South Korea           8 cents              5 cents
     Spain                12 cents              5 cents
     Trinidad & Tobago    33 cents             25 cents
     United Kingdom        8 cents              5 cents
     Venezuela            18 cents             12 cents
     "World on Sale" International Advantage discount rates to other countries,
 including Canada at just 4 cents per minute, are available. Discounted rates
 apply until June 30, 2005.
     To be eligible for Nickel and Dollar promotions, customers must be new
 BellSouth Long Distance subscribers. For the $25 Cash Back Unlimited
 promotion, customers can be either new BellSouth Long Distance subscribers or
 current subscribers who have not yet signed up for an Unlimited plan. To be
 eligible for the "World on Sale" promotion, customers must be new subscribers
 to a BellSouth International Advantage at Home plan.
     To qualify for the $25 Cash Back Unlimited, Nickel plan and Dollar plan
 promotions, customers must respond by April 30, 2005. Customers must sign up
 for the "World on Sale" promotion by March 31, 2005.
     BellSouth Long Distance plans are part of the company's popular BellSouth
 Answers(R) bundles, which offer local calling plans, long distance, Internet,
 Cingular wireless and DirecTV(R) services. Customers can choose the bundle of
 services they need, which offer a combined savings of up to $500 a year,
 depending on the services selected(5).
     To order BellSouth Long Distance,
 visit or call 1-866-208-7364.
 Spanish-speaking customer service representatives are available at
 1-888-494-8087. For more news and information,
 visit .
     About BellSouth Corporation
     BellSouth Corporation is a Fortune 100 communications company
 headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., and a parent company of Cingular Wireless, the
 nation's largest wireless voice and data provider.
     Backed by award winning customer service, BellSouth offers the most
 comprehensive and innovative package of voice and data services available in
 the market. Through BellSouth Answers(R), residential and small business
 customers can bundle their local and long distance service with dial-up and
 high speed DSL Internet access, satellite television and Cingular(R) Wireless
 service. For businesses, BellSouth provides secure, reliable local and long
 distance voice and data networking solutions. BellSouth also offers online and
 directory advertising through BellSouth(R) and The Real
 Yellow Pages(R).
     More information about BellSouth can be found at .
     (1) Eligible Nickel plans include:
         -- BellSouth(R) Nickel Plan ($4.95 monthly charge and 5 cents per
         domestic direct dialed minute after first 100 minutes during the first
         three months and 5 cents per domestic direct dialed minute after the
         first three months)
         -- BellSouth(R) Nickel Value Plan ($3.95 monthly charge, 5 cents per
         domestic direct dialed minute after first 100 minutes during the first
         three months and 5 cents per domestic direct dialed minute after the
         first three months, requires BellSouth Answers(R) bundle)
         Terms and restrictions apply.
     (2) BellSouth(R) Dollar Plan ($1.00 monthly charge after the first six
         months and 10 cents per minute for both in-state and out-of-state
         domestic direct dialed calls)
         Terms and restrictions apply.
     (3) Eligible plans for "Unlimited" promotion are:
         -- BellSouth(R) Unlimited Plan (requires Complete Choice)
         -- BellSouth(R) Unlimited Multi-Line Plan (requires Complete Choice
         for multi-line)
         -- BellSouth(R) Basic Unlimited Plan (requires qualified residential
         local line)
         -- BellSouth(R) Basic Unlimited Value Plan (requires qualified
         residential local line and one or more features)
         Terms and restrictions apply.
     (4) Eligible plans for the "World on Sale" International Advantage
         promotion are:
         -- BellSouth(R) International Advantage at Home Plan (includes a
         $2.95 monthly charge and per minute rates that vary by country and
         will revert to their regular per minute rates after June 30, 2005)
         -- BellSouth(R) International Advantage at Home Value Plan (includes a
         $2.95 monthly charge and per minute rates that vary by country and
         will revert to their regular per minute rates after June 30, 2005,
         requires BellSouth Answers(R) bundle)
         Terms and restrictions apply.
     (5) Customers can save up to $500 per year by subscribing to BellSouth(R)
         Complete Choice(R) plan, BellSouth(R) Unlimited Long Distance plan,
         BellSouth Internet services, Cingular(R) Wireless (350 anytime
         minutes; 5,000 night and weekend minutes) and DirecTV(R). Wireless and
         Internet services are available where facilities permit. Savings
         compare Complete Choice plan vs. regional average price for local
         service and five most popular features plus additional product
         savings. Pricing and savings vary by state.
     Taxes, fees and other charges, including Universal Service Fund, apply. A
 Carrier Cost Recovery Fee of 99 cents applies to the BellSouth Nickel, Dollar
 and international plans. This charge is not a fee or tax mandated by any
 government. Long distance services are provided by BellSouth Long Distance,

SOURCE BellSouth Corporation