Benediction by Cardinal Egan, Remarks as Prepared for Delivery at the 2004 Republican National Convention on Thursday, September 2, Evening Session 7:45 - 11:15 P.M. EDT

Sep 02, 2004, 01:00 ET from 2004 Republican National Convention

    NEW YORK, Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is the Benediction by
 Cardinal Egan, remarks as prepared for delivery at the 2004 Republican
 National Convention:
     My dear friends:
     As you conclude the work of this national convention, allow me to invite
 you for a brief moment to set aside all other thoughts and concerns, so that
 together we might raise our minds and hearts in prayer to the One God and
 Father of us all.
     Almighty and Eternal Lord, our lands are fertile.
     Our towns and cities are enriched with the wonders of science, industry,
 and commerce. We are a splendid blend of peoples and cultures from every
 corner of the earth.
     Even more, we are creatures of Your hand, fashioned in Your image, and
 placed here to live as You would have us live, so that, when the course of our
 lives has run, we might spend an eternity in Your presence.
     Filled, Heavenly Father, with gratitude for all of this, we come before
 you humbly and lovingly to ask You to make us what You wish us to be.
     Make us, Lord, a people of wisdom and understanding who resort to conflict
 only when all hope of peace is lost.
     Make us, Lord, a people of justice who revere the rights of others, and
 especially that precious right to live which resides in children coming into
 this world and in the aged and infirm departing from it.
     Make us, Lord, a people of genuine compassion who, feeling within
 ourselves the pain and hurt of the hungry, the homeless, the abandoned, and
 the stranger, come willingly and generously to their aid.
     Make us, Lord, a people who at all times and in all circumstances, live
 lives that bespeak virtue, modesty, and cleanness of heart.
     In a word, Merciful God, make us "holy," as You are holy.
     All of this we ask with the utmost of confidence in Your loving
 providence, as we pray on this occasion a most special prayer for those who in
 this noble land guide, serve, and lead us - our President and Vice President
 here with us this evening, our legislators and judges, our police-officers and
 fire-fighters, our clergy, our educators, our social-workers, our medical
 practitioners, our public servants, the myriad of volunteers who give of
 themselves in every area of human need, and, in a most particular way, our
 brave and devoted military in lands across the sea, whose loved ones yearn and
 pray for their return, as do we.
     Lord of all, we are Your children, "one nation under God," a people called
 to be a light of righteousness in a troubled world, a city set on a mountain-
 top from which all humankind might draw strength, inspiration, and hope.
     Help us to measure up to this wondrous calling, this unique vocation, as
 You send us forth from this place in peace, justice, compassion, virtue and
 holiness now and forever.
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