Beringer Blass Wine Estates Introduces Premium Wine Tailor-Made for Women, by Women

White Lie Early Season(TM) Chardonnay: The New Delicious Wine That's Low in

Alcohol and Calories

Apr 27, 2005, 01:00 ET from Beringer Blass Wine Estates

    NAPA, Calif., April 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Three women at Beringer Blass Wine
 Estates (BBWE) are hedging their bets on a little white lie, one that women
 everywhere will have to taste to believe. The all-female team -- made up of
 Tracey Mason, Jane Robichaud and Bettina Ferrando -- have unveiled the first-
 ever wine designed by women, for women. Called White Lie Early Season(TM)
 Chardonnay, the new wine is naturally lower in alcohol and, as a result, also
 lower in calories than most California Chardonnays. White Lie was conceived to
 meet the needs of today's dynamic women who want a great tasting, everyday
 wine without all the alcohol. It will be on store shelves in key markets
 across the U.S. and Canada in May 2005.
     "Females consume over 60 percent of all wine in the U.S. and purchase
 nearly 80% of the wine sold, yet the wine industry has largely ignored them,"
 says Tracey Mason, who, as BBWE's Director of Innovation, spearheaded the
 project. "So we started with the question: 'What do we, as women and wine
 lovers, want that we're not getting today?' What we discovered was that we
 loved chardonnay, but wanted a lighter tasting version we could feel good
 about drinking everyday. We wanted less alcohol, less oak and more crisp fruit
 flavors. That's when Jane, our winemaker, came up with the idea for 'early
 season' -- picking the grapes at their earliest ripeness so they are lower in
 sugar and therefore, lower in alcohol. Fewer calories was an additional
     "The name, White Lie, was developed as a means of breaking the 'snob'
 barrier so prevalent in wine, making it fun and accessible," said Mason. "It
 connects with females without being too girly, and it's a light hearted and
 engaging way to communicate the low alcohol/low calorie benefit without
 splashing it across the front label." Every bottle of White Lie Early
 Season(TM) Chardonnay comes with one of eight different white lies on the cork,
 such as 'But, it was on sale' and 'Money's not important.' Selected bottles of
 wine will also include a fun refrigerator magnet featuring yet another white
 lie, 'I never snack between meals.'
     To further play off White Lie Early Season's playful, irreverent tone and
 to celebrate female friendship, BBWE is partnering with New York Times best-
 selling author, Jennifer Weiner, to create a series of literary events as a
 key part of the launch.  Weiner, whose "chick lit"
 novels include Good in Bed, In Her Shoes, and Little Earthquakes, said that
 women don't often have the opportunity to have their cake and eat it too.
     "As a writer who's attended numerous book club meetings, I know the little
 white lies about these gatherings -- ten minutes talking about the book, two
 hours of conversation, laughter, and wine," said Weiner. "The programs I'm
 helping to develop, such as a short story contest based on my favorite white
 lies, are meant to celebrate female bonding and friendship in a fun way. I
 want women to be able to enjoy themselves without having to give up something
 in return, whether it be a delicious dessert, a good book or laughing with
     Mason wholeheartedly agrees with Weiner. "We wanted to find a positive way
 to connect wine, women and laughter," said Mason. "White Lie accomplished this
 and more." What impact does Mason see 'White Lie' having on female consumers?
 "We're betting that women everywhere will love this wine as much as we do and
 have as much fun drinking it as we did making it. And that's no lie!" said
     White Lie Early Season(TM) Chardonnay, made with premium grapes from Santa
 Barbara County, is affordably priced at under $10.00 per bottle. The wine will
 be available nationwide this summer, in major grocery chains and independent
 retailers with an initial launch in May 2005 in California, Colorado, Florida,
 Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, North
 Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and
      Alcohol: 9.8%
      RS= .05g/100ml
      Brix (at harvest) = 21 degrees
      Calories: 97.4 (per 5 oz serving)
     For more information, please visit .
     About Beringer Blass Wine Estates
     Beringer Blass Wine Estates (BBWE) offers an extensive portfolio of
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 Chile, and New Zealand. Formed by the Foster's Group acquisition in October
 2000 and the subsequent merging of California's Beringer Wine Estates and
 Australia's Mildara Blass, BBWE has quickly grown to become one of the world's
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