Best-Selling UNIX Book Co-Authored by XOR Inc. Technical Team Enters Second Printing in Less Than Six Months

3rd Edition of 'UNIX System Administration Handbook,' With Expanded

Sections on Internet Technology and Linux System Management,

Continues Unprecedented Success

Dec 20, 2000, 00:00 ET from XOR Inc.

    BOULDER, Colo., Dec. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The 3rd Edition of "UNIX System
 Administration Handbook," authored by a team including XOR's Trent Hein, Evi
 Nemeth and Ned McClain, has enjoyed such tremendous success that it is
 entering its second printing in less than six months.
     "We are very fortunate at XOR to have technical professionals that are on
 the leading edge of development and technical knowledge.  Many companies talk
 about their expertise in system management.  We wrote the book on it," said
 XOR President and CEO Greg Jacobsen.  "The continued success of 'UNIX System
 Administration Handbook' is a testament of the depth of expertise XOR brings
 to each and every client we serve, and this book's wild popularity in the UNIX
 community demonstrates the need for clear leadership in this area.  Through
 this unmatched technical prowess, we develop and apply our unique 'continuous
 innovation' eBusiness full-lifecycle approach that offers a competitive
 advantage to our clients."
     The need for expert development and management of complex eBusiness
 infrastructure continues to grow for established "brick and mortar" companies.
 The hands-on experience and knowledge of Hein, XOR's CTO, and his co-authors
 have made XOR a leader in developing and operating customized eBusiness
 applications and network systems.  This expertise is shared in the "UNIX
 System Administration Handbook," which has become recognized as the leading
 source of UNIX information and guidance for nearly 12 years.  Editions of
 "UNIX System Administration Handbook" have been translated into at least
 5 other languages (including Japanese, German, Polish, Spanish, and Russian),
 illustrating its world-wide influence on the industry.
     Positive Reviews for "UNIX System Administration Handbook"
     "The third edition of 'UNIX System Administration Handbook' stands as a
 fantastic UNIX book, perhaps one that's destined for legend.  It's arguably
 the best general UNIX book around," said David Wall in a review on
     "In sharp contrast to just about all other system administration books on
 the market, this one's actually useful.  Every single one of these people has
 been there and done that," said Mike O'Brien in a review of the book in the
 most recent edition of "Server/Workstation Expert."
     The 3rd Edition of "UNIX System Administration Handbook" covers current
 topics faced by system administrators such as Internet security and
 performance.  The coverage of Linux and FreeBSD (emerging platforms for
 eBusiness Internet sites) provides new-age system administrators time-proven
 guidance on building and maintaining high-performance, world-class
 environments.  The books also offers expert instruction, advice and examples
 of for more traditional commercial UNIX variants including Sun's Solaris, and
 HP's HP-UX operating systems.  These four platforms dominate serious eBusiness
     "UNIX System Administration Handbook" is used as a tutorial as well as a
 day-to-day reference guide, catering to all levels of system administrators.
 The handbook also includes many examples and case studies taken from the
 expertise of its authors to further explain the topics.  The book is available
 at a number of retail bookstores, including
     About XOR
     XOR Inc. (pronounced X-or) is a managed services firm that provides
 customized eBusiness application and systems management for established
 companies that need to leverage the Internet with maximum flexibility and
 minimal risk.  XOR's eCM(TM) (eCommerce Management) offering combines
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 and technology, VisionPort(TM), which enables real-time eBusiness management.
     The company offers a full suite of services that enable clients to exploit
 the business opportunities presented by the Internet.  XOR's nine-year history
 of internetworking and Internet expertise allow the company to assist clients
 with today's technologies and position them to take advantage of the emerging
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     President and CEO Greg Jacobsen (formerly with MCI Systemhouse, EDS and
 TeleTech) leads a world-class executive management team with operations and
 process experience from Andersen Consulting, Sapient, Ernst & Young,
 PricewaterhouseCoopers and Diamond Technology Partners.
     XOR was founded in 1991 and has more than 400 employees serving clients
 throughout North America (