Bicycle Messengers in Columbus Support Lance Armstrong's New Cancer Education Campaign

Bike Messengers Across the Country Delivering Messages of Hope

Feb 08, 2000, 00:00 ET from Lance Armstrong Foundation and Bristol-Myers Squibb

    COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Bicycle messengers in Columbus are
 showing their support today for Tour de France winner and cancer survivor
 Lance Armstrong and the Cycle of Hope(TM) campaign by wearing yellow buttons
 with the campaign's toll-free number on their bike bags.  Yellow is the Tour
 de France victory color.  Messengers also are handing out postcards featuring
 campaign information and a message of hope from Armstrong.
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     The Cycle of Hope campaign, a national cancer education campaign for
 people with cancer and those at risk for developing the disease, was launched
 today during a kick-off event in New York City.  In addition to bicycle
 messengers in Columbus, those in Washington, D.C., Seattle, New York City,
 Philadelphia, and Minneapolis are also supporting the new campaign by wearing
 the yellow buttons.
     Lance Armstrong's non-profit organization, the Lance Armstrong Foundation,
 and Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, makers of the drugs that successfully
 treated his disease, have joined forces to create the Cycle of Hope campaign.
 The initiative is designed to help support early cancer detection; reduce fear
 associated with cancer; encourage a team approach to treatment that includes a
 medical oncologist; and foster hope in patients and their families fighting
 the disease.
     "Lance Armstrong is an inspiration to all of us," said Tony Ionno of the
 Columbus Bike Messengers Association.  "I know I speak for all bike messengers
 when I say that we are thrilled to support his new project to raise cancer
 awareness and help others break out of a cycle of fear and misunderstanding
 about the disease."
     As part of the campaign, Armstrong will be featured in public service
 announcements that encourage cancer patients and those at risk to call the
 campaign's toll-free number or visit its Web site for a free Cycle of Hope
 information packet.  The packet contains information that is useful to
 everyone.  For healthy people who want to find out if they are at risk of
 developing cancer, there is an interactive "wheel" with information about
 common risk factors and symptoms.  For people recently diagnosed with cancer,
 the packet will serve as a starting point to help them understand their
 diagnosis and obtain state-of-the-art treatment.  The packet also includes
 advice from Armstrong on coping with the disease and other survivorship
 issues.  For the millions of people who are caring for a loved one, the packet
 provides resources and tips for caregivers who may feel overburdened and
 overwhelmed.  The materials can be obtained by calling the toll-free number
 877-717-HOPE (4673) or by visiting
     At the age of 25, Armstrong was diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer
 and given a 50 percent chance to live.  Soon afterward, he vowed to help
 others get the best information and treatment possible.  Armstrong harnessed
 the same determination that made him a world-class athlete and directed it
 toward beating the disease.  In addition to his positive attitude, he credits
 his leading-edge treatment and skilled medical team for his success.
     "Lance's dream, and now the Foundation's mission, has been to empower
 cancer patients to feel that they are survivors, not victims, of cancer," said
 Howard Chalmers, president, the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  "The Cycle of
 Hope is a fundamental cornerstone of this commitment and we look forward to
 helping the millions of people diagnosed with cancer or at risk through the
     The campaign is also endorsed by other leading cancer support and
 professional organizations, including Cancer Care, National Coalition for
 Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) and the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS).
     Bristol-Myers Squibb is a worldwide diversified health and personal care
 company whose principal businesses are pharmaceuticals, consumer products,
 nutritionals and medical devices.  The company is the global leader in the
 fight against cancer, with a 40-year history of research and development in
 the field of oncology.  It markets the largest portfolio of anti-cancer agents
 in the world.  To maintain its leadership in oncology, Bristol-Myers Squibb
 conducts a wide range of research and development initiatives designed to
 utilize cutting edge technologies.  Bristol-Myers Squibb, along with the Lance
 Armstrong Foundation, is dedicated to pursuing patient awareness, education,
 research and survivorship issues.
     The Lance Armstrong Foundation was created by Armstrong in 1996 after his
 cancer diagnosis.  The foundation is dedicated to aiding the fight against
 cancer in three areas: prevention or early detection of the disease; helping
 individuals manage their lives after diagnosis; and providing support to
 survivors of all forms of cancer.  By the end of 1999, the Lance Armstrong
 Foundation had committed approximately one half million dollars for cancer
 research.  Additional initiatives to aid cancer survivors will be launched
 this year.

SOURCE Lance Armstrong Foundation and Bristol-Myers Squibb