BioLok International Receives FDA Clearance for Unique and Clinically Safe Time Release Bone Augmentation Product

Mar 22, 2006, 00:00 ET from BioLok International Inc.

    DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla., March 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- BioLok
 International Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board:   BLLI), the manufacturer and worldwide
 distributor of leading-edge dental implant technology, today announced that it
 has received 510(k) clearance from the United States Food and Drug
 Administration (FDA) to market BoneGen-TR.  The FDA clearance, which could
 have taken up to 90 days or longer, was granted 5 weeks after BioLok made its
     BoneGen-TR from BioLok, a pioneer in merging technological innovation and
 cell biology, is a clinically safe, nano-composite, time release calcium
 sulfate product used for bone regeneration, augmentation, and as a soft tissue
 barrier in Implantology, Periodontology, Endodontics and Oral Surgery.  The
 broad bone augmentation market is estimated at $1 billion annually.
     "We are excited to have received FDA clearance for BoneGen-TR," said Bruce
 L. Hollander, President of BioLok International.  "BoneGen-TR for the dental
 bone market is an extraordinary complement to the Laser-Lok(R) dental implant,
 our other core product which uses a micro-grooving nanotechnology process to
 promote tissue and bone attachment.  Each of our core products is patented and
 approved by the FDA for unique and safe dental applications. Collectively,
 these products position us with a differentiated value proposition for
 marketing to professionals while addressing a combined $2 billion market.  The
 entire BioLok organization is energized by the prospects to grow our business
 and better support our customers and their patients with clinically superior
 and cost competitive products."
     BoneGen-TR has been under development at BioLok's Orthogen Research
 Division and at the New York University College of Dentistry.  The patent
 protected product is made in small pellet form.  Calcium sulfate has been used
 for bone augmentation for many decades.  A pure calcium sulfate product
 (BoneGen) was previously approved for marketing by BioLok and has been sold by
 the Company for use in implant dentistry.  According to Dr. Harold Alexander,
 President of Orthogen, the limitations of traditional calcium sulfate led
 BioLok to develop BoneGen-TR. He noted that existing forms of calcium sulfate
 products may be resorbed too rapidly by the body, before full bone defect
 filling can be accomplished.  The new BoneGen-TR product has an 18 week period
 over which full resorbtion occurs, compared to a 4 week resorbtion period for
 previous products offered.  This allows the user to fill larger voids and get
 full bone regeneration. The application method is not technique sensitive, is
 easy, gets excellent results and is cost effective.
     Traditional calcium sulfate products, including BioLok's regular BoneGen,
 are considered very technique-sensitive and are used mainly for filling small
 voids and as an additive to more expensive bone augmentation products to
 "stretch" the volume, reduce overall cost and enhance bone formation.
 BoneGen-TR is designed as a stand-alone product, having a substantially longer
 resorbtion rate, and costing significantly less than other materials in the
     Recent problems in the bone augmentation market make BoneGen-TR an even
 more compelling new product.  In the last few months there have been recalls
 of potentially contaminated human source material used for bone augmentation.
 In several high profile cases this included the bone and tissue bank marketing
 of freeze dried human bone that was illegally harvested from cadavers and from
 bone cancer victims.  Furthermore, animal, human and disease issues, such as
 mad cow disease with a third case in the US reported last week, have emerged
 as new found concerns.  Other bone augmentation materials contain bio-active
 glass or silicon which do not resorb and leave residual particles that may
 cause a long term problem.  Accordingly, many healthcare professionals are
 seeking an alternative synthetic material.  Now cleared for marketing by the
 FDA, BoneGen-TR addresses the dental professionals need for a fully resorbable
 product with fully demonstrated safety and efficacy.
     BioLok is ready for limited distribution of BoneGen-TR in the US for
 clinical evaluation and intends to have the product available for mass
 distribution in June/July 2006.  A large multi-center, multi-national clinical
 study to enhance the product's marketability will be conducted in April in
 Argentina, Australia and Spain at multiple private practices and universities.
 Now that BioLok has FDA clearance for marketing BoneGen-TR, US clinical
 studies will be started at multiple private practices and Universities, all
 with a common protocol so that all the results can be used together.
     BioLok also intends to explore opportunities to market BoneGen-TR for uses
 outside of dentistry.  The Company will soon implement initiatives to identify
 licensing partnerships to distribute a version of this unique bone
 regeneration product for orthopedic applications.
     BioLok International Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board:   BLLI) is merging cell
 biology and technology to develop and market products for the dental implant
 and tissue regeneration markets. The Company is the worldwide manufacturer and
 distributor of the BioLok Precision Dental Implant System. BioLok offers a
 superior line of dental implants that incorporate many patented features and
 are synonymous with quality, fit of components, leading edge technology and
 design, and ease of use. Additional information is available on the Company's
 Web site at
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