BioNanomatrix Awarded New NIH Grant to Speed Development of Nanoscale Whole Genome Analyzer

- Second NIH Grant Awarded to BioNanomatrix This Year to Advance

Breakthrough Nanoscale Single Molecule Imaging Technology -

- Recognizes Revolutionary Potential of Ultra-High Resolution Analysis

Platform Being Developed for Biomedical Research and New Drug R&D -

Sep 28, 2006, 01:00 ET from BioNanomatrix LLC

    PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- BioNanomatrix LLC, an emerging
 company developing a nanoscale whole genome imaging platform, today
 announced receipt of a new grant from the National Human Genome Research
 Institute of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). The two-year
 $397,750 Small Business Investment Research (SBIR) grant was awarded under
 the NIH BioEngineering Nanotechnology Initiative, an interdisciplinary,
 multi- institutes consortium with the stated goal of supporting the
 development of nanotechnologies critical for enabling essential
 breakthroughs that may have tremendous potential for affecting biomedicine.
     "We are delighted that the NIH has again recognized the potential of
 our revolutionary whole genome analysis technology by awarding us this
 second major grant explicitly intended to support the development and
 commercialization of our integrated nanofluidics platform," said Michael
 Boyce-Jacino, Ph.D., president and CEO of BioNanomatrix. "This support will
 enable us to accelerate development of our platform, which we believe
 represents a breakthrough in genomic analysis capabilities with broad
 utility and large commercial potential."
     BioNanomatrix is developing pioneering integrated systems that enable
 nanoscale single molecule identification and analysis of the entire genome,
 delivering single molecule sensitivity with haplotyping capability in a
 highly parallel format. The company's patented analytic platform based on
 this breakthrough technology provides ultra-high resolution analyses of
 DNA, RNA and other proteins more rapidly, comprehensively and cost
 effectively than currently available approaches.
     "The nanochannel array technology we are developing with this funding
 is designed to permit direct visualization and analysis of multi-megabase
 fragments of DNA at the single molecule level with high feature resolution,
 allowing researchers to visualize mutations, haplotypes, epigenetic
 features and even DNA-protein binding events," said Han Cao, Ph.D., chief
 scientific officer of BioNanomatrix and the principal investigator on this
 grant. "We believe our technology represents a major advance beyond what is
 available today, and we are pleased that this new grant will help speed its
     The ability of the BioNanomatrix technology to deliver single molecule
 sensitivity in a highly parallel format with minimal processing is also
 anticipated to significantly reduce the cost and time needed for the
 extensive data and integrative analyses that have hindered widespread use
 of whole genome studies to date. The BioNanomatrix technology platform is
 expected to have broad application in systems biology, personalized
 medicine, pathogen detection, drug development and clinical research.
     About BioNanomatrix
     BioNanomatrix is an emerging company developing its breakthrough
 nanoscale whole genome imaging and analytic platform for applications in
 clinical genetics, cancer diagnostics and other biomedical applications.
 The company is applying its expertise in nanochips, nanodevices and
 nanosystems to develop its patented technology platform with capabilities
 to provide fast, comprehensive, and low-cost analysis of genomic,
 epigenomic and proteomic information with sensitivity at the single
 cell/single molecule level. BioNanomatrix' patented technologies are
 exclusively licensed from Princeton University. Founded in October 2003,
 the company is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, with its research and
 design laboratories co-located at Princeton University. For more
 information, visit:
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