Announces Agreement with Celera Genomics

Companies Will Share Syndicated News Content

And Link Websites in Co-Branding Effort

Sep 27, 2000, 01:00 ET from

    SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ --, the leading hubsite
 for the life sciences industry, today announced that it has entered into a
 news content syndication and co-branding agreement with Celera Genomics
 (NYSE:   CRA), a PE Corporation business.  Under the terms of the agreement, the
 companies will feature one another's news content on their websites and create
 direct site links in an effort to augment their respective marketing efforts.
     Among the content will provide for featured display on
 CeleraScience(TM) is a version of the company's Biotech Industry News service.'s popular news feature is a daily compilation of exclusive
 editorial articles and breaking scientific and business news collected from
 over 550 global news resources. will create a tailored version
 focusing on specific scientific news targeted to Celera's audience.
     Celera will provide with abstracts of Genomic News Network
 (GNN) content, a collection of original material focused on the field of
 genomics and targeted to a scientific audience.  Both companies will create a
 unique space on their websites to feature the syndicated content.  Also
 provided will be direct links to one another's website home pages, as well as
 links to cited sources of news and information.
     "We're extremely excited about this agreement which significantly enhances
 the scientific information available through our site," said Scott Clarke, CEO
 of  "Celera is a leader in the genomics industry.  Bringing
 their news features to our users is a tremendous way to expand awareness of
 where the field is headed."
     Since announcing that it had deciphered the 3.12 billion "letters" that
 comprise the human genome, Celera has been at the forefront of genomics
 research.  The Celera Discovery System is Celera's web-based portal through
 which a variety of customers including academic, biotechnology,
 pharmaceutical, and the public access Celera's expanding databases and
 analysis tools.
     " has established a notable reputation as a premier provider
 of relevant and useful life science news content and is the point of
 destination for the largest audience of life sciences professionals on the
 Internet," said James Peck, Celera's senior vice president, product
 development.  "By sharing news information services and linking our sites, we
 will create a closer connection between everyone involved and interested in
 genomics research."
     With more than 600,000 unique monthly visitors and 2.2 million page views, has the most heavily visited life sciences site on the Internet
 today.  The company provides an increasingly wide array of Internet services
 for individuals and organizations throughout the industry.
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