BitMover Announces Accelerated Commercial Development Strategy and Migration Plan for Open Source Users

Apr 06, 2005, 01:00 ET from BitMover, Inc.

    SAN FRANCISCO, April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- BitMover, the technology leader of
 enterprise development tools, announced today that it will focus exclusively
 on the development of the commercial version of their industry leading
 configuration management system, BitKeeper.
     "We've experienced explosive growth over the last two years," said
 Bob Burres, VP of Sales. "We're doubling year over year and our commercial
 users exceed those using BitKeeper on Open Source projects. Focusing our
 energy on our cutting edge commercial products will ensure we maintain our
 competitive advantage and allow us to continue delivering world class
 development tools."
     "BitKeeper is already one of the most advanced SCM products on the
 market," said Holt Mebane, an architect in HP's Imaging and Personal Systems
 Group. "BitKeeper has an exciting roadmap, and we recognize that a BitKeeper
 product with these features will be invaluable to our firmware design
     The commercial version of BitKeeper has an exciting roadmap which
     -- Integration with major IDEs such as Eclipse
     -- Revamped GUI tools conforming to Windows standards
     -- Defect tracking database with a powerful integrated scripting language
     -- Peer review database system
     -- Cherry picking across branches
     -- Scaling to 1,000,000 changesets in one repository
     -- Scaling to an unlimited number of files
     -- Module (subtree) support
     -- Enhanced binary management
     -- Better license management and control
     -- Management reporting tools
     BitMover looks forward to implementing our extensive roadmap and
 delivering advanced SCM technology to a wider market.
     As part of this focus, BitMover has replaced the free version of BitKeeper
 with the recently released open source BitKeeper client. Those developers who
 desire additional functionality may choose to migrate to the more powerful
 commercial version of BitKeeper.
     Major projects hosted at, such as the Linux kernel, will
 continue to be hosted and updated there, either by a commercial developer
 within the project or by BitMover.
     Our relationship with the Open Source community has been evolving and many
 of the key developers have already migrated to the commercial version of
 BitKeeper. Those developers will continue to enjoy the full features of
     "Both BitMover and the Open Source community have benefited from our
 relationship over the last 5 years," said BitMover's CEO Larry McVoy.
 "BitKeeper is a more robust product and the development pace for the Linux
 kernel has more than doubled as a result of BitKeeper's implementation of the
 Delta Development Model."
     "BK has been a huge boon to the kernel in the way it taught us how to work
 better," said Linux leader Linus Torvalds. "We will continue to apply those
 lessons going forward."
     "The highly distributed model of BitKeeper really revolutionized kernel
 development, allowing us all to work in parallel, and essentially giving a lot
 more people commit privileges to the upstream tree, while still maintaining
 the human 'trust tree' that Linus has spent over a decade building," said
 Jeff Garzik, a senior Linux developer at Red Hat.
     For those projects which do not wish to migrate to commercial BitKeeper,
 BitMover will continue to maintain the repositories hosted on and
 will provide CVS repositories of the history on a time-permitting basis. CVS
 repositories for the Linux kernel already exist and are mirrored on
     About BitMover
     Founded in 1998, BitMover Inc. is a privately held Silicon Valley-based
 company that produces BitKeeper. BitKeeper shortens the software development
 lifecycle by providing the industry's only peer-to-peer collaborative
 development tool. Many of the world's largest independent software and
 hardware vendors have used BitKeeper to more effectively manage their
 development projects. Companies from startups to the Fortune 50 use BitKeeper
 to increase their productivity. BitKeeper enables best practices in software
 development through powerful workflow capabilities, gives managers enhanced
 control over their projects, and enables greater productivity in engineers
 through best-in-class merge technology. More than 60,000 BitKeeper seats are
 deployed worldwide. For more information, please see .
     NOTE:  BitMover and BitKeeper are trademarks of BitMover, Inc. Linux is a
 trademark of Linus Torvalds

SOURCE BitMover, Inc.