BitSpeed™ Velocity - Version 1.5 now Available: Fastest Bandwidth Optimizer for File Transfers

Full line-speed file transfers - regardless of distance or latency

Sep 15, 2010, 09:00 ET from BitSpeed LLC

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif., Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Today BitSpeed LLC announced the worldwide availability of version 1.5 of BitSpeed™ Velocity, the software that allows users of land- and satellite-based Wide Area Networks (WANs) to accelerate the transfer of files up to 70 times faster than standard transfer protocols like FTP, rsync and SCP.

Velocity is a peer-to-peer software application that resides on any server whose OS is supported. Velocity can integrate with any application via its CLI (Command Line Interface).

Velocity version 1.5's new capabilities include: support for Mac OS X; an enhanced Single-Instance File Deduplication; improved in-stream data compression; and faster file read and write optimizations.

"Velocity is a great accelerator for WAN and satellite structures, because it uses the full available bandwidth," said co-founder and CEO Doug Davis. "Our latency suppression enables users to transfer files between 2 servers thousands of miles apart, on lines ranging in bandwidth from T-3, to 10 GbE, to satellite, as though they were sitting side by side on a LAN". Velocity provides additional benefits on LANs as well, often providing significant acceleration of file movement within an office or campus environment.

As a software package, Velocity focuses on true optimization of the available bandwidth to allow faster file transfers, unlike traditional WAN Optimization solutions that rely primarily on techniques to reduce the amount of content sent over the WAN.

"We are very pleased with the results achieved at our initial installations," said co-founder and CTO Allan Ignatin. "For example, using a Gigabit line, imagine transferring a 10 GB file in 2 minutes anywhere in the world, instead of waiting up to 45 minutes using regular protocols. We believe that no matter what your environment is, from a virtual one to a mainframe, or from a corporate user to a Service Provider (SP), if you want to move files from here to there faster, Velocity can do it."

BitSpeed offers Velocity for both corporate users and for Service Providers, both directly and through its growing channel partner program. Trial licenses are available from BitSpeed currently has sales offices in North America, the United Kingdom and France.