Blending Cultural Lines

- Oster(R) Promotes Latest Latin Crossover Drink -

Jul 07, 2004, 01:00 ET from The California Milk Processor Board

    BERKELEY, Calif., July 7 /PRNewswire/ -- First came the margarita, now one
 of the leading U.S. appliance manufacturers is hoping Americans will leap on
 the Licuado bandwagon.  The Licuado (pronounced lee-kwa-doh) is the latest
 Latin crossover drink to capture American taste buds.  Popular across Mexico
 and the Spanish-speaking Americas, this milk and fruit-based blended beverage
 has become the "drink del dia" in California, Texas and other parts of the
     Beginning this month, leading consumer products giant Sunbeam Products,
 Inc. will promote Latin Licuados with its popular Oster(R) brand beehive
 blenders.  All Oster(R) Contemporary Classic Combination units -- with
 portable Blend N Go(TM) cups -- will contain a GOT LICUADO? recipe pack-in CD
 featuring Oster(R) spokesperson and celebrity chef, Michelle Bernstein.
     "Although Licuados are rooted in Latin culture, they've become popular
 with all groups and ages," says Lori Gonzalez, Marketing Director, Oster(R)
 Global Appliances.  "This promotion is one way the Oster(R) brand inspires
 consumers to be creative and innovative."
     The California Milk Processor Board (CMPB) -- who created GOT LICUADOS?
 based on their popular GOT MILK? tagline -- predicts this traditional
 non-alcoholic Mexican beverage will become the next burrito.
     "Licuados are making their way out of Hispanic restaurants and into
 mainstream kitchens," says Jeff Manning, CMPB executive director.  "And
 Oster(R) is leading the way."
     "The Oster(R) Blend N Go(TM) cup and Licuados are perfect for a nutritious
 snack or light meal," continues Gonzalez.  "The possibilities are endless."
     In fact, Licuados are all about creativity and fun.  Whether it's the
 traditional milk and fruit blended drinks, or more innovative concoctions
 using "pumpkin pie filling," or "peanut butter," Licuados are limited only by
 the imagination.  Licuado recipes are available at or -- or consumers can create their own masterpieces by blending
 milk, ice and favorite fresh fruit and flavorings.
     The Oster(R) Licuado promotion is an exclusive partnership with Costco
 Stores.  Licuado demonstrations will take place at 187 warehouses nationwide
 during the 2004 peak summer blending season.

SOURCE The California Milk Processor Board